Slavery in America

The beginning - 1620

How it all started

Slavery existed in the United States since the establishment of the Union in 1776 and previously in the Thirteen Colonies. Following the American Civil War, slavery was prohibited in the Constitution in 1865.

The first slaves were brought to North America in Virginia in -1620, on a Dutch ship, when these slaves were originally war prisoners from Africa.

At first the institution of slavery in the United States did not exist in the meaning that is attributed to him today, Both blacks and whites were employed in farms throughout the American colonies as the same workers with no rasicm .

However, because of the growth of rice in the colonies, and the need for farms to expand for economic efficiency , the need in black workers was urgent .

Because of the conditions in the farms and the death as a result drom illnes (malaria) less white workers came to the farms .

As a result the farmers needed cheap workers , like the black slaves that were forced to get out of their homeland .

Over time, and because of the economic process, calls increased from farmers to transfer real authority on their black slaves to them , they finally got responses to their calls around the year 1700 with the enactment of "laws of slavery", which gave the white farm owners almost complete authority to their black slaves

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