January Newsletter, Part 2!

Special Edition: Our new collection is here!!!

Whether you have been going full speed ahead or taking a break, your business is ready to thrive in 2016! It's a new year, anything can happen and I want to make sure it is your absolute BEST!
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So where do you start?!

#1 - Touch base with your sponsor!
It's always easiest to evaluate what you want to accomplish in the next 3 months and then make a plan to get there. And it's much easier with a sounding board and helper (ahem ME!). Want to expand your team and promote? This is a great time for women to jump in and give it a go - AND with that EXTRA $100 New Stylist Special, who wouldn't want to try it out?! Want to really ramp up your S&D business and kick it into high gear?! You got it! Want to just get back into the swing of things? I got you covered there too!

I would love to offer coaching calls to anyone on our team who wants to chat about their business. You can sign up for a call here: https://calendly.com/cfpottieger

#2 - Revamp that Who Do You Know List!

Take 30 min to write down potential hostesses and stylists that you are going to target over the next few months. These could be past hostesses, friends near and far, the blow dry bar you go to every Friday - make the list big and cast your net wide! Once you start thinking wide, you'll be surprised with the random people you come up with! Start by sharing the opportunity first. If it's not for her, do a trunk show instead!

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Set aside some time to warm up those potential stylists and hostesses!
AND with the January Hostess Bonus, book in tight! Every hostess with a qualifying Trunk Show (before 1/31) will get a bonus $50! Boom. There is your booking magic for January!

The Sign On Special doubles the fun--a Stylist can sign up NOW, get the extra $100 product credit, and host her own launch to snag the extra $50 hostess bonus, too! Our team goal is to add 15 new stylists to our girl gang this month--we have some work to do! I have no doubt we can blow that goal out of the water!

Check out the words to say below! Bump that 2 calls a day to 10 and ROCK. IT. OUT.

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Remember - you can host your own Trunk Show twice a calendar year! This means you play stylist (earn commission) AND play hostess (receive hostess rewards)! This is a great way to share the new collection and jump back into the swing of things! Already on a high from Holiday Season? Keep that energy going with an open house Trunk Show with the new line!


Want to earn a pair for FREE?
Sell $1,500 between 1/7 and 1/31!
Prize: Stella & Dot Parker Sunglasses in Tortoise! Launching in April 2016!

Act now, earn your first pair of S&D sunnies, and set yourself up for an extraordinary year!

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NEW Collection!

Our Spring Line is launched TODAY and it is LEGIT.

Take a read at this awesome sampling article that Jess found! It lays out the way to sample smart - http://mymommatoldme.com/smarter-stella-dot-sampling/

Remember, you'll want to focus your samples on new items and bestsellers. Keep the display nice and neat and organize using the Optimal Display. This keeps your trunk show display looking like a boutique. Keep sale items and too many samples off the table--you won't want your display to remind your guests of TJMaxx!

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Spring Rallies!

Make SURE to attend your area Spring Rally! What better way to get your mojo going then to grab a glass of wine with fellow stylists and plot out your plan for 2016! Get tips, get pumped AND maybe even win a piece from the new Spring Line!

You can find your closest event here:


Share the Opportunity

One of my personal goals is for our team to become a team of sponsorers in 2016. WHY? Because I promise you, it brings so much more fun, joy, and rewards to this business, wether you are hoping to promote or simply love your business even more. As mentioned, our team goal is to add 15 new stylists to our team this month. We can totally do this! Not sure where to start or how to share the opportunity? Kimberly Beucler Jones hosted this sponsoring training and was so kind to share. Well worth listening in and using these tools.

Playback Number: (712) 432-1202
Access Code: 779080#
Reference #45

Get Goal-ing!

Still working on your 2016 goals? As promised, here are some goal setting tips, courtesy of my new blog!


Do you have a BIG 2016 goal? Break it down into bite-sized pieces. What do you need to do in JANUARY to get there? Book 2, 4, or more Trunk Shows? Sponsor a new Stylist? Reach a personal sales goal?

I want to hear YOUR goals and help you create an Action Plan. Set up a coaching call with me by signing up here: https://calendly.com/cfpottieger

XO, Charlotte