General Science Weekly Update

Mrs. Wilkinson

Weekly Schedule


10/17 Monday: Writing Ionic Formulas and Names/Ionic Dice Activity

10/18 Tuesday: Polar Bonds/Electronegativity/Naming Covalent Compounds

10/19 Wednesday: Hydrogen Bonding/LAB: Properties of Water

10/20 Thursday: Unique Properties of Water/Vocabulary

10/21 Friday: Unit Wrap-up & Review

*Unit #2 TEST is tentatively schedule for Monday, 10/24


10/17 Monday: Intro to Ionic Bonding/Writing Ionic Formulas

10/18 Tuesday: Naming Ionic Formulas/Ionic Dice Activity

10/19 Wednesday: Covalent Bonding/Electronegativity

10/20 Thursday: Unique Properties of Water/Key Vocabulary

10/21 Friday: LAB: Properties of Water

*Unit #2 TEST is tentatively schedule for Tuesday, 10/25

Explosions in Science!

One of the first questions that students ask when they hit high school science is--"Are we going to blow something up?!" This week we blew something up! We've been studying valence electrons and why atoms bond. While talking about an atom's willingness to get rid of a valence electron, we compared Mg and Ca and how "fast" they were willing to let go of their electrons.

Most students picked Mg as the fastest reaction, but as you can see below in a video captured by one of the students, Ca quickly combines with water to produce hydrogen gas that we captured in a balloon and ignited.

It's always a great day in science when things explode!

Block #2 Hydrogen Explosion

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Science Explosions

Helpful Study Resources

For some students, the concept of valence electrons and calculating charge can be difficult to grasp. I have linked a video below that reteaches some of the content that we covered this week.

Also, HERE is a link to the Quizlet for the Unit #2 vocabulary. Students are still struggling with some of the foundational vocabulary of the chapter. If you child had a low quiz grade this week, please encourage them to run through the Quizlet a few times to brush up on their terms.

Octet Rule and Calculating Charge

Octet Rule & Valance Charges - Clear & Simple

Writing Ionic Formulas [Honors]

Writing Ionic Formulas: Introduction

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