By: Nic Chellew

The xx - Intro


Galaxy: Aquarii Cloud

Star type: Blue

Star name: Zeta Nova

Orbit: 70 AU

Planet mass: 2x Earth 2(5.972 x 10^24)

Volcanoes: yes but only one

Volcano name: Mount Barrage

Plate tectonics: yes, 5 different plates

Liquid water: yes

Producers: yes

Bravotos is habitable to humans the humans are called Brav's.


Bravotos has no axial tilt so the planet has no change in seasons. This planet will have no seasons so every place has a steady temperature.

Bravatos will have 2 moons, its name is Cyra, and Neomea. These two moons will be on opposite sides of the planet at all times so there will be only by gravity not inertia.

Bravotos has a mass of 2(5.972 x 10^24) which is 2 times Earth.

The Aquarii Cloud is 5,000 light years away from the Milky Way. Bravotos is 12,000 light years away.

Bravatos has a Gravity force that when you walk you go 1 foot up.

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