Jamberry Nails

by Pretty Flirty Nails

We are so excited that the Fall/Winter catalog is here! There are so many new designs to fall in love with. It may not feel like fall yet (especially here in Arizona) but who can resist dreaming of cool evenings and crisp mornings?

NOW is the time to book a party and earn your fall and holiday wraps FIRST and FREE. Don't have time to get everyone together at your house? How about a Facebook party? Let me work with you to figure out what will fit your busy lifestyle. Need a little incentive? How about our Hostess Exclusives? Imagine opening up your mailbox and finding FREE wraps for the next three months!

September: Fall geometric patterns are not only eye-catching, they also add a modern twist to your wardrobe. With school back in session, enhance your geometry knowledge with the help of our gorgeous September Host Exclusive. This rich colorful geometric wrap will be all the rave for the fall/winter season and will compliment any outfit.

October: The fashion world is drooling over Aztec inspired designs and this season the trend is set to explode even more with fashion designers rocking Aztec inspiration in their collections. This season, a big focus is on feminine pieces given a harder, tribal edge, and our October Host Exclusive is no exception. The Aztec look instantly gives you an uber-cool, street savvy, exotic style, (without making it look like you’ve tried too hard), and evokes dreams of far off vacation destinations and long lost civilizations.

November: Don't be square this Fall. Get your Geometric on with bold shapes and colors. Geometric prints are everywhere right now! Both funky and fresh, it's just the right pattern pop for any outfit! Our November Host Exclusive is designed by up and coming Fashion Designers Hazore for their launch this November. Check them out! http://lovehazore.tumblr.com/

September Sister's Style Exclusive

Elegant and classy, Bella Romantica is our head-turning Sister's Style Exclusive. This wrap is ONLY available during September so order yours now!

There's More!

When viewing our new catalog you will notice some of the designs have a "there's more" flag next to them. This means the sheet contains more than one design. Here is one of my favorites, Skyline!

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Oh, Canada!

Jamberry is operating in Canada! If you have any friends up north who might enjoy wearing (or selling) Jamberry Nails, please forward this flyer. Thanks!