INSIGHT Magazine - Spring Issue

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Meet Our Editors

In the previous edition we only had two editors, but this term we have five which means that we have been able to produce a better Student Magazine with better quality in design and writing. Together we’ve composed an edition that helps talented writers in our school to shine and display their talent in writing.

Our editors:

Charlotte Cheung, Charmaine Pilard, Cherie Chan, Chloe Leung, Lucia Pareja Lopez.

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Letter From The Editors

Welcome to the third edition of ICHK’s student-published magazine.

During the second term of the 2018-2019 school year, the editing team that this would be a special edition, focusing on the wonderful feature articles written by our year nine students. These range from personality profiles, human-interest and trend articles.

This edition also includes an interview with our U16 Basketball champions and a “School Strike for Climate Change” protestor, a Pandemic piece, a writeup from this year’s HKMUN, a recount on the success of the recent Hispanic Festival, and last but not least an artist analysis on the famous Georges Seurat painting - "A Sunday Afternoon".

Thank you for reading our magazine and we hope that you’ll be back for future editions.

Year Nine Feature Articles

Recently, a dozen amazing and inspiring feature articles were beautifully written by our year 9 students, for their feature article English unit. These articles range from a Simon Biles personality profile, an introduction to the TV show Modern Family, and a London Natural History Museum exhibit review. There is a large variation of articles to choose from and we’re sure you’ll find one that interests you. Please browse below.

Motion Designing - Bono

Bono Ngai, 9.1, has written a detailed and enlightening article about motion designing. Bono also discusses about his fascination with computers and technology and how inspiring they can be.

Read the piece here.

Bumblebee Movie Review - Michael

Michael Sullivan in 9.2, has written an amazing review on the Transformers movie Bumblebee. This article contains detailed information on the plot, cast and overall performance in the box office. A fantastic article, be sure to read.

Read the piece here.

Detroit: Become Human Game Review - Lucia

Lucia, 9.1, has written a beautifully descriptive piece of writing reviewing a game called Detroit: Become Human. Lucia talks more in depth about the realistic atmosphere of the game and how our future could possibly be dominated by artificial intelligence capable of feeling emotions.

Read the piece here.

Lauren Jauregui Personality Profile - Chloe

Chloe, 9.2, has written an outstanding feature article about a popular singer called Lauren Jauregui. Be sure to read this in-depth article to find out what Lauren Jauregui has been up to since the split of Fifth Harmony and her success as a solo singer.

Read the piece here

"Replacing Dippy the Diplodocus with Hope the Blue Whale", London Natural History Museum Exhibit Review - Angus

Angus, 9.3, has written a brilliant piece about the replacement of a museum exhibit in the Natural History Museum in London. Angus also discusses important issues, such as our responsibilities to take care of the earth and its animals.

Read the piece here.

Modern Family Review - Rochelle

Rochelle, 9.2, has written a fantastic piece about a well-known comedy show called “Modern Family”. She talks about how the show came to be and how the directors created it. Rochelle also talks in great detail about the many unique characters in the show and the obstacles they face as a family.

Read the piece here.

How Sarah J. Maas went from writing a book on a storytelling website to having New York Times’ best-seller book - Charmaine

Charmaine, 9.2, has written an incredibly informative and detailed article about a loved author Sarah J.Maas. In this article, Charmaine explains how Sarah became one of the New York Times’ best-seller authors and recommends some great books written by her.

Read the piece here.

Simone Biles - Ciara

Ciara has written an inspiring piece about the world-renowned gymnast, Simone Biles, and how she became an Olympic gold medalist. It talks about how things weren’t always easy for her and how she managed to surpass all these obstacles. Ciara talks in depth about her struggles of growing up and how gymnastics played a big role in her life.

Read the piece here.

Lucid Dreams - Jack

Jack, 9.3, has written an incredible piece about a popular song called "Lucid Dreams" and what the meaning behind it is. Even Jack is wowed by his brilliant writing and shows a deeper understanding of his work. Be sure to read if you want to learn more about the song’s meaning.

Read the piece here.

Rebecca Parham, The Fastest Growing Youtuber / Animator? - Cherie

Cherie has written a personality profile on an animator/Youtuber, Rebecca Parham. This article goes deeper into her life and how she has grown as a person. The article includes some of the struggles that Rebecca has been through and how she gets through it.

Read the piece here.

Sabrina Carpenter's Singular Albums are like nothing you've seen before - Charlotte

Charlotte has written a personality profile on uprising star, Sabrina Carpenter and her recent album “Singular Act I”. The article comments on the album writing and producing process, how she broke out of the “Disney World,” her struggles in the music industry, and what "confidence" means to Sabrina.

Read the piece here.

Basketball Success

Recently, our U16 Basketball players competed in the final against GSIF in the ISSFHK league and returned home as champions. Players Russell Pilard and Monty Davies joined us for a short interview to give a recount on the event. During the interview, we discuss in depth the atmosphere and the tension during the intense game. We also discuss how basketball can improve other areas of life and why basketball is a good game to be taught to people as an opportunity to learn about teamwork.

Q: What was the atmosphere like in the final match?
Russell: The atmosphere was very tense. We went to German Swiss International School so we were a little nervous as we only beat them by very little in the first game. As soon as the game started, we had the lead and then it was more relaxed after that.

Monty: The atmosphere was very energetic and the crowd was cheering the whole time which made it better. We were all a bit tense about the championship final until we remembered that we play this everyday, this was just another team to beat.

Q: How did you prepare for the match?
Russell: I slept well the night before and practised a bit at school during lunch with my teammates.

Monty: We had 4 extra training sessions in the week leading up to the game. We played against our coach and our coach’s friends and we spent every lunch break playing together.

Q: How were you feeling before and after the match?
Russell: Before the match, I was feeling a little bit nervous but after it I was ecstatic.

Monty: I felt a bit sick before the match but the speech that the coach gave made us all energetic and ready for the game. At the end of the game we were all feeling incredibly happy because we were able to win with a considerable lead. We had also become the first ICHK team to win the basketball championship.

Q: Why would you encourage other students to play basketball?
Russell: I would encourage other students to play basketball because it is a team sport and it helps build friendships and it is good exercise.

Monty: I encourage others to play basketball because it is a fun team game and it doesn’t take too long to get good at, My teammate, Russell and I had never played basketball (properly) before this season and we played every lunch and we were able to become the best defenders in our team.

Q: What has basketball taught you that carries over into the other areas of your life?

Russell: It has helped me improve my teamwork and how important that is everywhere in life especially in school.

Monty: Basketball has taught me that it is easy to become good at something if you enjoy doing it. I also believe that basketball is like life, sometimes you miss but if you work hard enough, you create better opportunities for yourself to score.

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School Strike for Climate Change Interview

Climate Change is an important topic that has been ignored by politicians and world leaders in the past decade. However, this has changed with the global “School Strike for Climate” movement, led by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden. Students from Hong Kong helped make a great difference by participating on the 16th of March this year, and Jack from 9.3 is giving us an insight into what happened and his personal view on climate change.

Q: What was the atmosphere like?

Jack: It was very crowded but the atmosphere overall felt very powerful in a way because everyone there was supporting the same case.

Q: Who were the type of people who went to the protest?

Jack: Mostly teenagers or older but there were a lot of little kids as well.

Q: What were you feeling during the protest?

Jack: I felt like I was part of something, part of a bigger cause and something bigger than myself. We were all there supporting each other and supporting the planet.

Q: What are your thoughts on climate change?

Jack: I think it’s very bad because you know it’s our future and it’s the planet we are going to live in when we’re older and it is just being ruined by climate change so we need to put a stop to it.

Q: Do you have any ideas that could possibly solve climate change?

Jack: Yes, I do, I think we need to tell the government to use more efficient ways of energy and turn all the cars electric. Ban all the gas powered cars and replace them with electric ones.

Q: Why do you think it’s important to stop climate change?

Jack: Like I said it’s our future and if we don’t stop it we’re going to have to live in a disgusting planet with a lot of water because climate change make the icebergs melt and we would all drown.

Q: How do you think climate change ties into other problems?

Jack: I think it ties in with things such as overusing fossil fuels etc.

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Student Showcase: Pandemic Piece - Declan

Declan, 11.3, recently wrote a piece on pandemic.

Pandemic focuses around an individual attempting to live through a dying world where an incurable disease is destroying everything. While it may be killing most people, those who managed to have survived must get on a plane as to get to some sort of safe haven where the disease apparently doesn’t lurk.

Read the piece here.

HKMUN Writeup

Students from year 7 - 13 participated in the recent HKMUN. This is a short writeup of Charlotte's take on the event.

MUN is an academic simulation where students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. It also helps raise awareness of global affairs with young people. This year, our school competed in the annual HKMUN at the science park that included three days of intense discussion, debate, the drafting and voting on resolutions on important topics in today’s world.

HKMUN was my first “big” MUN, and I really enjoyed learning more about the topics, debating on them, submitting many amendments and giving speeches on them, even though it was really nerve-wracking at first. Over the three dates, we debated on two topics in the World Health Organisation. We had delegates representing Russia, Norway, Kenya etc. Delegates made many interesting comments and questions, that make you think and wonder further about the topic. One of the most rewarding parts was that I made special memories that I would never forget, and developed new friendships.

I think that MUN is an amazing experience that also helps tackle the fear of public speaking and sparkling confidence. The activity can be joined by anyone that is interested in world issues, enjoys debating and public speaking, or just wants a fun, life-changing and phenomenal experience!

Hispanic Festival

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The Hispanic Culture Festival is an event where a community of international schools come together to celebrate the great Hispanic culture. The day was mostly composed of entertaining performances by the year eights through year thirteens where they performed either Spanish theatrical drama skits or performed a Spanish song.

Apart from the entertaining performances, the large community of parents and students enjoyed a variety of authentic Hispanic foods such as the famous paella.

Many of the children took part in fun activities, one of them included a piñata full of treats where they would have to hit the object to retrieve these treats.

However, this successful ICHK event wouldn't have been able to happen without the help of the dedicated ICHK Hispanic Team, the Catering staff, and the teachers who supported the team during the event.

- Mirko Fedi, 12.2

Amanda's Review

The Hispanic festival has always been a big part of our school, and other Spanish students around Hong Kong. Many students from ICHK attend the festival each year to perform at other schools as a great opportunity to enjoy the culture and to learn more about the Spanish language. This year, ICHK was awarded the great opportunity to host the festival at our very own campus. Amanda Chan, 9.1, has performed in the Hispanic Festival in year seven and again this year. In this article, she describes her experience performing and how she felt. She strongly encourages anyone to participate in this wonderful event as a great opportunity to learn about the beauty of Spanish culture.

Read the piece here.

"A Sunday Afternoon by Georges Seurat" Analysis

Chloe and Lucia, year nine art students, have both written great and incredibly detailed examinations on a famous painting, Sunday Afternoon by Georges Seurat.

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Chloe's Piece

The artist uses small touches of pure delicate colour. From a certain distance, the small touches of different colours involved in one area can only be seen as one colour, as if they are blended together.

Read the piece here.

Lucia's Piece

The painting shows a group of higher class people, they all appear to be enjoying the beautiful landscape from the park that is right next to the river; They stand out considering they’re standing in the shade and all the other people seem to be in the sun.

Read the piece here.