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Technology Integration Newsletter-February 3, 2015

iPad App Requests

If you would like to request a paid or free app from the list for use on your staff iPad or to be placed on student iPads, fill out the appropriate request form linked below.

Apps Available for Free

App Request Forms

**Please keep in mind that you are free to download and try free apps as needed without filling out a form. The forms above are only for requesting a paid app OR an app from the list above.**

Easy Generator Learning Objective Maker

Over the weekend, I happened across a very handy website that may assist you in writing lesson or unit objectives. The website is in BETA, which means that the creators are actively testing the site and refining to make it work best for users. They would appreciate any feedback you might offer. I especially like the section where I can choose from several verbs in each level of Bloom's Taxonomy based on what I am trying to accomplish. Give it a try and let the creators know what you think!

In the images below, you can get a sense of what it is like to use the learning objective maker. You type in your audience, select a verb (or type in your own), discuss the task and conditions you are seeking and the level or time frame you'd like to see this completed. I did have to go back and edit each area to make sure it all flowed together in the bottom black box.

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Saving Attachments to Google Drive

Later in February I plan to offer my next Mini Tech Session on Google Drive. I encourage each of you to consider downloading the Google Drive App to your staff iPad and Drive for desktop computers in order to allow you access to all files placed in the drive no matter where you are! All you need to access those files is an internet connection. It's always a good idea to maintain a copy of a file in a safe place (i.e. flash drive, portable drive, on your computer's hard drive, etc.) but I find it very convenient to place all relevant documents that I wish to access outside of school in my Google Drive because I can easily access them in meetings, at home, or anywhere when I'm away from my computer.

That being said, if you have ever used the copier in the office to scan a paper document and send it to your email, you may appreciate the ability to save it to the cloud.

I can take a worksheet or article we work on in class, scan it to my email using the copier in the office, and from my email with just a few clicks I can make that worksheet or article instantly accessible to my students.

To Save Attachments To Google Drive:

  1. Use the copier to scan your document and send it to your email.
  2. Locate the attachment in your email.
  3. Hover your mouse over the attachment, and click the triangular "Google Drive" button.
  4. Click "Save to Drive"
  5. After the document saves, you will see an additional option to move the document to an existing folder in your drive. You can select the appropriate folder OR create a new folder.
  6. To rename the file, go into your Google Drive and folder, and right click on the document to rename it.

**I have a folder set up in Google Drive for each of my classes. I have clicked "Share" when in that folder and changed the permission to "anyone with the link can access" so that my students will be able to view any document I place in that folder. You can create folders with specific permissions, so you can share documents between just a few teachers, a larger group, or anyone with the link as is the case with parents or students. I know several elementary teachers who create an important docs folder and place the link to that folder on their website. This allows parents access to anything you'd place in that folder, such as calendars, schedules, field trip permission slips, etc.**
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