Charles I of England


Charles was born on November 19, 1600 in Scotland. His parents were James IV of Scotland and France and Anne of Denmark, he was their second son. Their first son Henry died from typhus in 1612. Charles died twenty-one years after he married Henrietta Maria of France in 1625.
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Charles ordered a parliamentary adjournment March 2. Speaker, Sir John Finch, the ending of the session could be delayed long enough for resolutions against Catholicism, Arminianism and tonnage and poundage to be read out and acclaimed by the chamber


Parliament of 1625 refused to vote enough money for the Spanish war. What troubled did the Parliament cause? Charles's sympathies were with Armenian or High Church Anglican party, which had recently come into prominence, with William Laud at its leader. Parliament was frightened that this High Church party would permit the growth of Roman Catholicism and demanded that the laws against the Catholics should be more strictly enforced. So Charles dissolved his first Parliament.