I Survived Book Club

discussion, snacks, games, activities, door prizes, and more

Join us for our EXCITING BOOK CLUB! Will you survive?

I Survived Book Club
This exciting new book club is for students in grades 3-6!! We wll be reading one book from this series each month. We will then meet to discuss and learn more about the history of each of these events, brielfy discuss the book, do an activity or craft, and have a snack. If you have questions please ask Kristin Kydd at 745-2604 or kristink@dplindiana.org

  • #8: I Survived The Japanese Tsunami, 2011 (May 5th at 6:30)
  • #9: I Survived The Nazi Invasion, 1944 (June 2nd at 6:30)
  • #10: I Survived The Destruction Of Pompeii, 79A (July 7th at 6:30)
  • #11: I Survived The Great Chicago Fire, 1871(Aug. 4th at 6:30 pm)
  • #12: I Survived The Joplin Tornado, 2011 (Sept. 1st at 6:30 pm)