The Tissues of the Body

Makayla Davis

The Epithelial Tissue

The epithelial tissue is used as protection. It covers the outside and inside of our bodies, providing a protective barrier from the outside world. It also covers the organs and lines cavities,tubes, ducts, and blood vessels

The Muscle Tissue

The muscle tissue has three different parts, the smooth muscle, the skeletal muscle, and the cardiac muscle. these help our body moving and our hearts beating. The smooth muscle is similar to the Epithlial tissue because it help protect our organs by lining them

the Connective Tissue

The connective tissue covers everything from blood, to bone. This relates to the muscle tissue because the muscle tissue keeps the blood moving, as well as covers the bone in skeletal muscle tissue to keep the body moving. It also Like the epithelial and the muscle tissue, it protects the organs.

The Nervous Tissue

The nervous tissue is the one that provides the feeling to the body. It does this by generating and transmitting nerve impulses to and from the body organs. Once again, everything is related to the body organ. The nervous tissue just provides the feeling to the organs.

The BEST Tissue

The best tissue is the muscle tissue. Without the muscle tissues, you would not be able to move your body, let alone keep your body alive because the cardiac muscle would not be able to keep the heart at a synchronized beat all the time. It also provide help with blood flow and also helps with the movement of food and waste in our body. Without any of this, we would not be able to live.