Central African Republic

Reasons to Visit

Dzanga-Sangha National Park

This national park, wedged into the triangle of southwestern CAR Cameroon from Congo, is probably the one corner of the country still attracting visitors. Gorillas, elephants, western lowland gorillas, bongo antelopes, forest buffalo , a multitude of bird species and the Baka people are all found in this remote corner of Africa.


Southwest of Bangui and surrounded by rain forest, M'Baïki is in a timber, coffee and tobacco growing area. It's also the stopping-off point for visiting nearby Baka encampments. One bus and several pick-ups leave Bangui each day from K-Cinq.

Chutes de Boali

These waterfalls tumble 50m (164ft), which is just a whisker more than Niagara can manage. Although no more than a trickle when its dry, they are dramatic during the rainy season. A small entry fee applies. The water is controlled by a huge Chinese-built dam upriver, but they usually release some water on Sunday for the tourists.