Dynasia McDonald's Poetry Flyer


Working and pushing to fight the night,

I work harder to make it right.

The inspiration does not come from my head,

But it comes from the heart and soul.

The challenge hits back,

But I hit harder.

Knowing that i will win this.

This is the time to make it right,

This time I will fight

On My Own

I don’t know where to go,

Take me back, or now i’m on my own.

Because now I want to be,

Somewhere I want to see.

I’ll be a better person.

But now you watch me hurting.

Waiting for the last time,

I am nothing but mine.

And now I don’t know where to go,

Take me back, or now I’m on my own.

Bio Poem


Frolic, Vehement, Exuberant, Individualistic-

Middle child of Lacretia and Douglas McDonald-

Who enjoys traveling, listening to music and spending time with family and friends-

Who feels exuberant during the day at school, but exhausted afterwards-

Who fears heights, snakes, and spiders-

Who would love to see family in Jamaica, the Eiffel Tower, and family in England-

Resident of Vernon, New Jersey


Always There by Ryan C.WIlks

You're always there.

When I am sad, mad

or just having a bad day,

You're always there.

Doesn't matter what mood I'm in,

You're always there.

Thank you very much,

I really appreciate it.

I love the friendship we share

but most of all I love you.

You're always there

The sound of your soothing voice

is like the sound of a chorus of angels

that fill my heart with joy

No matter how far or near,

You're always there

Forever in my heart

you will be for years and years.

Through thick and thin we will stand.

You're always there

We will always be friends forever and ever

You're always there

When it comes down to it,

I will always be there for you


You will always be there for me