Gold Rush

By Maya B


In 1851 Edward Hardgrave found the first payable Gold. It was discovered in NSW and is what started the gold rush.
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Women on the Golfields

Life was hard for women on the goldfields. Many wives had to stay in ragged old tents with their children. It was hard as they had to have all the responsibility on their shoulders. That means they had to cook, clean, get everyone ready and if their kids were sick stay by them and look after them. They did lots of looking after their family and many other things which I have listed before. On thing the had to take on board was the cost. Many of the people did not have much money. So the wives had to make sure that they didn't buy anything to expensive.

Ellen clacy

Ellen Clacy was one of a few woman that actually went mining in the gold fields. Ellen Clacy was a young, single middle class woman from England. She panned for gold alongside her brothers and their companions.
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Shaft mining

Shaft mining is one of two methods used to find gold. Shaft mining is also called Shaft sinking. It is very popular. The way you do it is: first you dig a big hole. Then you get one of your companions or you to go down the hole. Next a bucket will be let down so if you find some gold while digging around, you can put it in the bucket.

Tools you need for shaft mining

There are many different tools that you need for shaft mining, Here they are
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And Pickaxe

Alluvial mining

Alluvial mining is a type of mining were you get your pan and you scoop up the dirt. From there you put it into