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Principal Newsletter - November 15, 2021 - Edition #13

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Absence & Tardy Clarification

How will our children learn their roles and responsibilities to learning? One of the ways is by attending school. It is known that students do best when they have:
  • A good night's rest.
  • Fuel in their belly before arriving to school.
  • Arrive to school on time.
  • Attend school on school days, unless sick.
  • Stay at school for the full day, rather than leave early.
  • Hold their own backpack and lunch.

Building the routines of attending school allows the student to develop independence and to be self-driven with their learning. Please support your children by building in these routines and expect your children to participate.

IF your child is absent, please call the school in the morning so we know the reason why your child is out. You will receive a phone call from the school asking about the absence.

IF your child needs to leave school early, it's best to send your child with a note, email the front office, or call the school in the morning. The office is closed between 11:30am and 1pm due to supporting students at lunch. You ALWAYS need to check your child out when you take them off campus early. When parents come to pick-up, without a warning, it can take up to 10 minutes to get your child.

IF your child arrives to school after 8:20am, then send them to the office to check-in, otherwise they will be accidentally marked absent.

Building these routines and habits of minds supports your child to develop independence and a sense of ownership of the learning space.

UELF Site Council Meeting Link

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Check the UELF Calendar for Meeting Dates

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UELF Girls on the Run

Thank you Ms. Eaton, Ms. Hoaglund, and Ms. Kellogg for being Running Buddies for the UELF Girls on the Run Team! Every Monday and Thursday, the running team meets to run, learn about the connection of physical fitness and self-confidence, and practice social skills that focus on building relationships.

The team is doing a service project around the Laguna de Santa Rosa. They are collecting trash over the month of November to protect the animal and plant life. Thank you girls!

Support the team by participating in the Dec. 5 Sonoma County Girls on the Run Running event at Rancho Cotate High-School or make a donation to the organization to sponsor this work at UELF.

Register here for the 5K Run/Donation: Girls on the Run Link

Garden Committee Meeting Link

4th Monday of every month at 4:30pm

UELF Garden....Something Special

Did you know that UELF is the only school in our district with a garden committee and designated garden instructor? The Garden Committee meets monthly to discuss and strategize what work needs to be done to organically manage weeds, food management, and seasonal plantings, like winter coverage or plantings to bring in spring pollinators. The Committee volunteers time in the garden so it's student ready. Sandra Knoy, our garden teacher, is an active member of our education team. She works with the teachers to align classroom inquiries with garden experiences. She participates in professional development focusing on impactful instructional routines for garden learning. She also seeks out grants and partnerships to help fund the materials needed for the work students do in the garden. Your child is getting a unique and life changing experience with this learning environment. Please consider donating to the garden fund, $50, and joining a Garden Committee Meeting or work day.

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PTA Membership Meeting

3rd Thursday of every month at 6:30pm

CRPUSD COVID19 Dashboard

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