Life Before Columbus

By Luis Gomez Period 2

Native Americans

Native Americans represent no superiority to each other. All are created equal but with different beliefs and tribes. The western Indians focus more on agriculture and fishing, meanwhile the eastern Indians focus on hunting as well as fishing. (Foner, 8). Women are not as powerful as men, but are not discriminated against because of their gender. They actually hold the power to divorce and do many other things (Foner, 16). The only politics around is the claiming of who owns which land to use for crops and hunt. Tribes usually migrate constantly but there are territories that belong to certain groups.


Europeans are all about gaining land as a collection of potential commodities, a source of economic opportunity (Foner, 17). The rich want to stay rich and look for way to increase their wealth. They give all power to men. Women have no power in owning land, divorces, or making contracts. To the Europeans, "freedom was not a single idea but a collection of distinct rights and privileges, many enjoyed by a small population" (Froner, 18). The higher classes are the ones who usually get most of the freedom; the middle and lower class usually suffer and have everyday struggles. Unlike the Native Americans, where everyone is equal and no one goes hungry, power rules society with laws set by the king(s).

West Africans

West Africans are very wealthy, they are known for "leading a great pilgrimage to Mecca, and distributing so much gold along the way that its price depressed" (Foner, 21). They contain actual gold fields, and create bronze sculptures which are admired for their artistic values. Portugal is starting to colonize certain parts of Africa. Slavery is a big thing for the continent but it is not hard to regain your freedom (Foner, 22). Slavery is starting to be so popular that slaves are being bought, sold, and transported to other countries.

Primary Sources

Primary sources reveal more information because they are being written during the time an event is happening. They do not include as much bias as one would today and everything is being told as it is.