Red Cross

By: Savannah Eversley

"Upon this, other women claimed the right and took the courage, if only to go to an army camp and drag the wounded men out of a trench and try to save them for their families, their country. And, soldiers, for every woman's hand that ever cooled your fevered brow, stanched your bleeding wounds, gave food to your famishing bodies, or water to your parching lips."

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Clara Barton - Mini Biography
Feminist Clara Barton founded the American National Red Cross in 1881, serving as its president for 23 years. She learned of the International Committee of the Red Cross (founded by Swiss banker Henry Dunant in 1863) in 1869, while on a trip to Switzerland. Established by the Geneva Convention, the International Committee of the Red Cross enabled wounded soldiers and ambulance and sanitary personnel to be treated as neutral parties under a white flag with a red cross, a reversal of the Swiss flag.