English Teacher

A job that teaches you!

English Teacher

Have you always loved English? Do you plan things well and communicate with others? A middle school English teacher is a great choice for you. Being a teacher in general comes with many responsibilities. First, you must be able to communicate with both students and teachers. You must have complete control over the classroom and have boundaries. You must also contribute effort in making and grading assignments. As you are teaching you have the peace in knowing you are making a difference. Not only that, but you get summer, weekends, and breaks off which comes in handy if you are a parent. If you think this the choice for you, apply now!


1. Grading papers

2. Communicating to parents

3. Creating lesson plans

4. Interacting with students


Education: 4 Years Bachlor, 1 year Assistant Teaching, 2 years Masters (optional)

You Would be a Good Teacher if...

Being a teacher requires certain personalities. They might include honesty, creativity, wise, hard-working, thinking, and outgoing.

Extra Infomation


Around 45-55 a week



$41,000-$51,000 a year


You will need to know how to use common technology like computers, printers, and laptops to make lesson plans, grade papers, and communicate with students, parents, and other teachers.