Middletown Prairie Library


Dear Middletown Family,

Our state of the art media center is an inviting, stimulating space where your child will be immersed in language, literacy, and technology. We hope to help your child develop a love of reading & a curiosity for learning that will pave the way for his/her future.

Your child will visit the library once per week on Monday.

In addition to receiving literacy/media instruction, your child will be checking out 1 book per week from the library. Books will be due every Monday, on your child's library day. Please keep all library books in a safe, special space & help your child remember to return his/her book on time. In an effort to encourage responsibility & respect for books, no additional materials may be checked out until overdue items are returned. As a means to assist your child, please consider signing up for library text reminders via http://www.remind.com.

Ann Ohms: Teacher-Librarian

Please visit our library Facebook page for up-to-date info on library/media happenings @ https://www.facebook.com/mecclibrary and/or our MPE library website.

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