Cameron, Emory, Sasha, & Zakaria

#1 History of the protests

A. When did protests begin?

January 25, 2011

B. What were the people protesting?

an end to corruption, injustice, poor economic conditions, and the 30-year-old regime of President Hosni Mubarak.

C. How did the government respond?

Used arm forces to make them stop and also shut down all internet and cell services.

D. What has been the result?

Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) headed by Tantawi took over control of Egypt and later dissolved the legislature and suspended the constitution.

#2 Today

A. What is happening in your country now?

If you’ve been trying to closely watch recent events in Egypt, your head may be spinning. Turmoil continues to rock the country in the aftermath of the July 3 military coup that overthrew former President Mohamed Morsi, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood movement who is now being held incommunicado by Egypt’s ruling generals. From the killing of Islamist prisoners to the ambush on Egyptian police officers in the Sinai region, events continue to move at an insanely fast pace in the Arab world’s most populous country.

B. Who is in charge of the government?

President Mohamed Morsi it was him but he is bing overthrown so it is kinda the military's job as of this moment.

C. Will there be elections? If so, when?

They are still looking on this right now so as of this moment we do not know.

D. What key challenges does the country face today?

The farmers are not making enough money for there crops.

There is a shortage of water in Egypt.

1/3 of the population is getting access to sewage.

Egypt is having Heath and sanitation problems due to the fact that there is a shortage in the water.

#3 The International Community

Have international Organizations or other countries been involved in events in your country? if so, how?

Arab league: said they wanted a multi democracy party

European Union: said that the Egyptians should decided the kind of government they want,

UN: urged local authorities to refrain from violence.

What has been the position of the United States on the events in your country? Americas part in this:Unites states says that they hope Egyptians get out of it and that. The future of egypt is better, and When they Get out of the chaos us will be happy to have partnership with them

#4 How would you characterize what has happened in your country? Would you call it a revolution?

Not really because nothing really good came out of this. All that happened was a big outrage that made the military and government get involved and only few little things got changed in the outcome. It wasn't a big enough impact for a new revolution.