HVS Counselor Newsletter

Counselors Help Students Transition Back to School

Before School Transition Events

School Counselors are an integral part of each school's team when planning and implementing transition events for students. Many students are anxious and have concerns about returning back to school each fall. As part of the school team, school counselors work hard to ease students' worries, answer their questions, and help students feel more comfortable about returning back to school in the fall. Most importantly, students transitioning to a new building can often be very stressed. Counselors work hard to reassure students, answer questions, and support students and families in this process. All of Huron Valley's secondary schools hosted positive transition events for students this fall. Students at Oak Valley Middle School were welcomed back to school at the PTSA Ice Cream Social Event. White Lake Middle School and Muir Middle School had WEB (Where Everyone Belongs) students guide new 6th grade students in welcome back activities. These events helped students ease into school and meet new friends. In addition, the high schools both had Freshman Orientation events. Freshmen had an opportunity to spend all day at LHS and MHS. They learned important information about their new schools, toured the buildings, made new friends, and met with key staff.

New Student Groups

Huron Valley counselors are proud to have New Student Groups for incoming students at many schools in the district. Counselors and other office staff have been facilitating large new student groups this fall. New students to the school are invited to attend and they get a chance to get to know other new kids and counseling office staff. In addition, they get an opportunity to learn more about the school and get support with the stress and challenges of changing schools. The groups are an outstanding way to ensure our new students feel supported and become part of each school's caring community. Groups meet several times and have been very helpful in providing support and guidance to new students.
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