Girl, Interrupted

By: Susanna Kaysen

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Girl Interrupted is a book about a young lady by the name of Susanna Kaysen. Susanna was sent to McLean Hospital, early one morning by a doctor that she visited monthly. Susanna, who is eventually diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, shares her experience at McLean Hospital. She met a lot of women there with disorders from schizophrenia to OCD. She shares her experience at McLean Hospital , the different things she went through and actually witnessed.
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About The Author ` Susanna Kaysen

Susanna Kaysen was born to Carl Kaysen and Annette Nuetra Kaysen, on November 11, 1948. As a young women in the 1960's she was placed in a psychiatric hospital and diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. She is that author of the book "Girl, Interrupted" that tells of her experience in the psychiatric hospital.