Norton Creek Elementary

Friday Tidbits - August 26, 2022


8/29/22- Business Services Meeting(Haines) 5:30pm

8/31/22- Early Release Day-Dismissal is at 2:10pm

9/2/22- Institute Day(No Students)

9/5/22- Labor Day(No Students)

9/8/22- Back To School Night(Last Name A-M 5:30-6:15 and N-Z 6:15-7pm)


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From The Principal Tony White.......

"If you don't _____, we won't go to Grandma and Papa's house." We've all said something along these lines as parents when our children aren't getting along, cleaning up their toys, and the like. It's part of what is known as "limit-setting;" however, the trick is that it has to be a limit we are ready, willing, and able to enforce. In all likelihood, whether our kids clean up their toys or not, we're likely still going to Grandma and Papa's house. And if we do still go to Grandma and Papa's, our kids start to push on limits more and more.

For that reason, it's important to the process that we as the adults who care about our Eagles - teachers, parents, guardians, coaches, directors, and more, set limits with them that we can realistically enforce. This is not necessarily meant as something punitive, but just a natural, logical consequence. For instance, when my two-year-old son is swinging his Buzz Lightyear toy (WHY did they make that so heavy?!) at his sisters, it's a natural, logical consequence that Buzz gets taken away for a bit with a reminder on how we appropriately play with him.

The early part of the school year is full of community-building in each classroom and across Norton Creek. Part of building a kind, respectful, problem-solving community is having a bit of predictability and trust from student to student and to the adults who work here. We use our S.O.A.R. (Students on a Roll) program to recognize positive behavior choices each class makes with tickets, ten tickets earns a Golden Eagle Feather, and that feather is good for a whole class reward. That positive behavior recognition system is in addition to non contingent positive attention and classroom environments with an appropriately strong amount of structure thanks in part to realistic limit setting.

Limit setting can seem punitive without the right tone, but here at Norton Creek, we strive to set that tone, getting to know each Eagle personally and demonstrating how much we care about them before ever even getting into setting limits. And, here's the funny part with it all: When we put the relationship first, we tend not to have to worry too much about limits being tested.

Potential rain in the forecast for this weekend, but I have no doubt you'll find ways to enjoy it with your favorite people! Have a wonderful weekend, Norton Creek!

Back To School Night

The Norton Creek Back to School Night Open House will be held on September 8th. Parents please plan on attending according to the below schedule and times.

Last Name A-M attend from 5:30pm-6:15pm

Last Name N-Z attend from 6:15pm-7:00pm

1ST and 2ND Grade Parents- Please Read

If you have a current 1st or 2nd grade student this year we are in need of the charger from the IPAD your student used last year. If you did not turn in a charger with the IPAD please do so immediately to avoid being charged a fee. Thank you.

Arriving Late To School

If your child is arriving after 8:00am please walk them into the school and sign them in.


Kindergarten thru 5th Grades-


Students can be dropped off at 7:45am for the school day. It you arrive before that time please keep your child with you until 7:45 as there is no supervision outside until then.

Our school office is open from 7:30am until 4:00pm on school days.

New Email For All Families To Use

Please email any arrival/dismissal changes as well as any information for the school nurse or office staff to

Attendance For Students

Please call the school attendance line if your student will be absent/tardy/leaving early from Remote Learning at 331-228-2700. Please spell your students first and last name or their student ID number when you leave a message. If you are emailing the teacher please also email indicate students first and last name.

Prearranged Absence

Students must apply for the privilege of using prearranged absence days through the principal’s office.

This completed form must be turned in at least (2) school days prior to the requested absence to the main office.

The building principal or designee has the authority to grant up to (5) days of excused absence per year

for the following types of absences:

 Participation in regional and/or national contests or awards

 Family vacation—qualified by the phrase “accompanied by parent”

 Special religious events

Dismissal/Bus Changes

If there is a occasional change to your child dismissal please email and your child's teacher or call the office directly at 331-228-2701. If it is after 12pm please call the office directly so that we can ensure your child gets the notification of changes.

Organic Life

Please remember to add money to your child(s) Pushcoin account in order to be able to purchase a lunch or a breakfast. Breakfast and lunch will not be free this year and will incur a fee daily. Norton Creek will be open at 7:45am on school days for breakfast. Please call the office with any questions.



2nd Grade:11:00-11:20

5th Grade: 11:20-11:40

Kindergarten: 11:40-12:00

RISE Students: 11:40-12:00

1st Grade: 12:00-12:20

3rd Grade: 12:20-12:40

4th Grade: 12:40-1:00

If your student forgets their lunch please email the classroom teacher and drop off at the main office. Please label with the students full name.



PTO News

Weekly E-news

500+ people celebrated back to school with us at Popsicles in the Park! This event would not have been possible without Susan Brewster, Shannon Dalhem, the Nekyha family and countless others who volunteered their time- thank you! Ready to get your feet wet volunteering? We have lots of opportunities listed on our site!

Friday Aug 26 - 9am - room parent sign up on the PTO website

Friday, Sept 9- 9:30am - PTO meeting at NC

Thursday Sept 15 - 10:30a-11p- Eagles Eat Out at Riverside Pizza & Pub

Friday Sept 23- 4:30-6:30 Loop the Lake

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