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September 24th Weekly Staff Newsletter: by Kimberly Kindred

Staff Member of the Month - October

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Siohauh Tang!!!!

Mr. Tang has been so helpful and kind to everyone. He always has a positive attitude. He is willing to help out and does his best to fix any and every problem. We honor his dedication to our school and assisting all of us each and every day.

When I first arrived, Mr. Tang worked endlessly to get me connected on every device as quick as possible. He was truly a life saver for me.

A little about Mr. Tang:

  • He has been in the computer field since 2004.
  • He loves to take things apart and fixing computers gives him plenty of opportunities to do that.
  • He met his wife in fourth grade. They are best of friends and at times he refers to her as the "Boss" or the "Queen".
  • They have two sons. 14 and 5 years old.
  • His other hobby is discus fish keeping.
  • He loves to eat and would like to learn how to cook Italian dishes someday.

AWESOME JOB Mr. Tang. We are so fortunate to have you here.

A note from Kimberly

Thank you all for your participation in the virtual staff meeting this week. I appreciate your positive responses and "can do" attitude all the time. I saw that some of you "problem solved" when it came to the reflection piece on the TedEd video and posted on google classroom. If you did not do that, no worries. The reflection piece was just that - a time for reflection on your teaching practices and interactions with students.

Walkthroughs and formal observations have started. It is my goal to complete a walkthrough in every classroom this year. You will notice a new walk through form. There is a section that allows for teacher response when signing and returning the document back to your appraiser. The teacher will be able to reflect on I likes, I wonders, and Next steps for their own classroom lesson that day. This walk through form is in a test phase.

I hope you had a great weekend. The start of fall is one of my favorite seasons of all time. We rode bikes, played cards and wizards chess, and celebrated my son's birthday.

Make this week wonderful,


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Engineer Girl Essay Contest

The NAE is pleased to announce the annual EngineerGirl Essay Contest on theEngineerGirl website.

The National Academy of Engineering invites students (both boys and girls) in grades 3-12 to submit an essay about how they would protect the environment and the safety, health, and well-being of the public as a responsible engineer.

Cash prizes of $500, $250, and $100 are available for the best essays in each of 3 age categories.

We want to hear from you! Submit your essay by February 1, 2016 at 6:00 pm EST. (Note the deadline for 2016 has changed from previous years.)

Find out more

News from the Counseling Office

Marie Davis has a few things to share from the counseling office. :)
News from the counseling office

A Few GREAT Things...

Who is up for the APP challenge?

The Verizon Innovative App Challenge may be just what you are looking for! Verizon is challenging you and a team of 5-7 students to create an APP to solve a problem. You don't have to actually create the app, just the idea and create a video presentation for submission. We can have more than one team! If interested, please read more on the link below and if STILL interested, please let Mrs. Kindred know.
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Virtual Staff Meeting - September 23rd

How was it gang? I hope it wasn't too bad and that you were able to get some other things completed during that time. Most action items don't have to be complete until Monday at midnight EXCEPT for Section 3 of the Virtual Meeting - Fire Drills/Safety which was due Friday by midnight.

Thank you all for participating! I loved reading all of your comments in google classroom. This is our first one as a group and they will get better over time.

Certified Google Educator...Interested?

Have you ever considered becoming a Google Certified Educator? I know with being a Google campus and having 1:1 Chrome books, the idea of becoming certified fits right in with the values of this campus. I am currently working on my certification. There is a level 1 and a level 2. All of the training and resources are free for both levels. The level 1 exam is 10 dollars and the level 2 is 25 dollars. If you feel you are advanced, you can skip the level 1 and just move forward to level 2. But try out the resources first! This IS NOT mandatory. Its about evolving and growing as educators and perfecting what we do in the classroom with technology.

If you already have this certification (Whooo hoooo!), please add it to your email signature so that we can, as a campus, begin to communicate that message out to the community.
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More Staff Awards! We all know a staff member doing a great job. Nominate someone today! Click here :)

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Teacher Focus Groups

West will be forming two teacher focus groups that will be engaging directly with technology. One group will focus and implement The Flipped Instructional Model and the other, A Paperless Classroom.

Information about The Flipped Instructional Model:

Information about A Paperless Classroom:

If interested in joining, please sign up below. :)

Upcoming Dates - September and October

September 28 - Most items of the Virtual Staff Meeting Due

September 28 - Tech TEACH Team Meeting

September 28 - PTA Meeting @ 6:30 in the library

September 30--Technology Integration Session 1--D101

September 30 - All grades due to Ms. Zamora by 2pm

October 1—MANDATORY Autism Training (Morning OR Afternoon session)—LIBRARY

October 5—Google 101 (NEW TEACHERS ONLY)--LIBRARY

October 5—Orchestra Chipotle Fundraiser (5 to 7)

October 7—MANDATORY PSAT Training (Morning OR Afternoon session)—LIBRARY

October 8—Richardson Read It Day

October 8—Spradling’s Guy Friendly Bridal Shower (3:45)--LIBRARY

October 9—Art Magnet Field Trip


October 12—District Wide Day

October 13—MANDATORY ESL Training (Morning OR Afternoon session)—LIBRARY

October 14—PSAT (8th grade) and Writing Camp (7th Grade)

October 19—FLU SHOTS for STAFF

October 21—Hearing and Vision Screening (through ELA classes)

October 23—Pay Day

October 26-30—Red Ribbon Week