Title 9 and Affirmative Action

By: Taylor L, Taylor R, Armondo A, and Nathan

Title 9


  • No one is excluded.
  • Helps men and woman gain equality.
  • Helps balance budgets not just for sports but academically.
  • Title nine covers discrimination if sexual harassment, failure to provide equal opportunities for sports, and people who are pregnant.


  • Lose money from school.
  • Lose viewing if schools get rid of sports.
  • Discrimination.

What we think of title nine.

We think title nine is good to a certain extent, because if for ex. Schools have to find money to make sports equal so they might cut guys football to add girls cheerleading just so men and woman's sports can be equal.

Affirmative Action


  • No rascism
  • Can't discriminate against religion, sex, or race.


  • There isn't really any cons.

What we think of Affirmative Action.

We think its a good thing, and there isn't really any come that come along with affirmative action.