The Dangers of Phishing

How to know when someones scamming you

What is Phishing

When someone's scamming you they are trying to get personal information. They would try to get your bank account information, name, address, birth date, social security card, credit card, and passwords. It is a lot more serious than you probably expected. They could spend money on your credit card or steal your identity.

Tricks to knowing when someones phishing you

Here are some tricks to spotting scam emails. The first trick is to see the address of the senders email. If its trying to steal a company's email there is usually on letter off. The next trick is to hover over any links. The company can change the name of the link your going to. So if it says your going to amazon, you could actually be going to some random website. If you hover over the link it will show what you are actually going to. Remember to see if one letter is off or if there is no https in front of the website address. Another trick is typing errors. Most of the people sending these emails are from Africa. The workers might not speak English so there might be errors. Another trick is who they say they are sending it to. If it says your name it is probably legitimate. If it says something like valued customer you might not want to trust them. Lastly if you see a link and don't see any errors you can always just go to the website yourself instead of clicking the link. Remember to use these tricks if you see any weird emails.
What is Phishing?