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Citations Pros LLC Can Verify Your Business Information for Google Places

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (May 15, 2013) – It used to be that a listing in the old-fashioned Yellow Pages was the key to business verification. If a potential customer saw your advertisement there, the customer knew you were real.

In today’s business world, most potential customers will not even pick up the phone book. Instead, they go to the World Wide Web, most often to the search engine Google.

Citations Pros LLC can help your business be verified in this new Internet world by making certain you have Google Places citations and Local Places citations. What is a citation? A Google citation, while sometimes a link, is a mention on the World Wide Web of your businesses name, phone number and address, which is known as a NAP.

In other words, a Google citation is more of a validation by the Google search “spiders” that your business is real and NAP is accurate. Think of it as “verification” of your real existence and credibility in the Google Places world. The more citations you have, the more credible your business appears to Google. It is like it used to be when you had a Yellow Pages advertisement.

Citations Pros is in its sixth year of business providing Google Places citations and Local Places Citations. The company boasts more than 4900 listings that it manages. Citations Pros is the preferred provider of Google Places citations and Local Places citations to an impressive client portfolio, which includes large and small businesses across the country, including three “Fortune 500” companies.

Clients like Home Depot, the news giant Gannett Inc., and Nationwide Insurance along with hundreds of companies just like yours are seeing increased traffic and greater profits because of the Google Places citations and Local Places citations provided by Citations Pros LLC; the company is proud to provide client references to potential new clients upon request.

For such an important service in today’s Internet-based marketplace, you might expect the service to cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The price is nowhere near that expensive: $75 per listing, per month. The team of expert citations builders will ensure your Google Places citations and Local Places citations get proper votes (NAP info with or without links) and Citations Pros LLC provide monthly reporting to ensure you rank well in the Places search. You get 50 citations each month from only the most trusted providers. The future is online and Citations Pros LLC will make sure your future is as bright as your business.

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