earth day

how to help the plant

earth day news report

why we should take care of the earth because its the only thing we have to live, if people and us keep litter we will have cabinet and dead air and nice air can not be to together and not be able to drink clean water or no good air think of how many states are air pollution they got to wear some mask, how many die more than 20,000 people die in the owner state let's take care of the water we might never no if we will need to use it like for hunting in the deserts or might need it for working outdoors.please warning don't throw away water you know how many people are fearing for water.don't throw away food i other because are fearing for to eat a peace of bread or juice.warning please take care of the plant, please please please do not smoke or make a lot of firer because polluting the plant.

earth day

Tuesday, April 22nd, 8:45pm

5102 S Cherry Ave

Tucson, AZ

don't litter help the plant more happy earth

don't throw trash

do not throw trash in the ocean