This weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 12–6pm

Studio Feruvius @ Erector Square

315 Peck St., New Haven

Building 3, 2nd floor, studio 'N'

Entrance to building 3 is underneath the big blue and white "Erector Square" painting on the side of the building in the main parking lot - facing the street - directly off the sidewalk.

Enter and there will be signs directing you to studio 'N'

Very much looking forward to hosting my first event of 2016 at Studio Feruvius!

Yours kindly,

Daniel Eugene

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Make Me An Offer! @ Studio Feruvius

Saturday, Feb. 6th, 12pm to Sunday, Feb. 7th, 6pm

315 Peck Street

New Haven, CT

Building 3, 2nd floor, Studio N



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The artist who gives from a cup overflowing

"Creation as a form of self-immolation is no longer the creation we need from the artist; a creation that depletes the self; a creation that is a form of sacred bleeding or an exclamation of mad clarity or neurotic compensation – these forms of creation are no longer the revelation needed as we pivot towards the 21st century. The artist who immolates himself for the glory of his art has given us his last gift and it is now the time for an artist who not only knows but is capable of rising to a sanity that is greater than madness. We no longer need artworks functioning as an exclusive objectivity apart from the artist or in spite of the life of the artist. It is time for the artist who knows the new expression and the new power of a creator reconciled with his creation; a creator who gives birth from the womb and not only from a mind that assumes it's superiority over the body and the guts.

I call out man who creates from an objective superiority apart from life claiming, 'I am God the creator' when he really means, 'I am God I am not a woman'. Man who creates and then goes into to the clouds removed from his creation... man kids himself with this objectivity. Man kids himself when he assumes to create as if he is not also his creation or that his creation is not equally creating him.

The artists of the 21st century will know that they are both the vessel and the contents of that vessel. They will know that their creation comes from an overflow and that it is really themselves that they are giving away through their creations. Thus unafraid and admitted to this fullness they will be able to go unguarded into a personal deepness that strikes a universal chord and live out loud this deepness giving it away with a generosity that destroys man's fear and ego and megalomania.

The artists of the 21st century will not only make great artworks but they themselves will be a greatness living greatly. The world has enough of great artworks – great artists far too few; those individuals who choose not to live vicariously, hiding behind their great creations or who live waiting for their creations to first be great, but those who take the courage to live first greatly knowing that their life is their utmost and constant, greatest creation; that their artworks are manifest of this activity of art in living. These artists will give birth from the womb too and not only the mind and they will be exemplifiers. They will exemplify every great ideal they put forth in their artworks and they will live in the abundance of a full reconciliation.

These artists will be the torch bearers and the living peace that will heal the world.

I believe this. I have a great faith."

–Anais Nin