Meat & Potatoes

April 11 - April 15

Up & Coming Events

Tuesday - Leadership Council Meeting

Wednesday - Bates/Ireland Wedding Shower, Report Cards

Thursday - SELT Meeting

Friday - Pot Luck Luncheon

Behavior Tip of the Week:


PRIM STRATEGY 130 suggests various tips that may help when dealing with a student who is disturbing or distracting to others when they are trying to work. Simple changes in your classroom environment may increase the desired classroom behaviors of your students such as proximity to a child or their strategic placement of their classroom seat. In addition to our classroom curriculum, this PRIM strategy also suggests we teach the "Hidden Curriculum" to our students. We have started this process as a campus with our weekly SEL presentations to our students during Success. For a treat in your teacher box... Describe one skill you feel is most important for students to grasp in the "hidden curriculum" while attending school. Why do you think it is important?

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  • SPED progress reports for the 5th 6 weeks were due yesterday. Case Managers contacted teachers needing to submit reports today. These reports should be completed today so Case Managers can disseminate information to parents.
  • 6th Grade STAAR and 5th Grade Science STAAR is upon us. Start preparing the materials that will be needed for the STAAR bags for our May STAAR Administrations.

Rocco's Corner

To all teams with common planning, please maintain a supervised transition of your students to P.E. If they enter in the 300 hallway, please have a teacher at the front of the procession posted at the hallway intersection just past room 206. This exterior breezeway​ area must have a teacher posted there until the last student is past them and in the supervision of the coaches in the 300 hallway, behind the Gym. Whether the return to class after P.E. is done through the 500 hallway or the 200, we must also have teachers placed along the routes in the return procession. If any students are stragglers or come back late on their own, please warn them and contact the parent. Further tardies after the first warning/parent contact will be punished by lunch detentions and I want the parents to know why.

Locker Clean Out

I would like for everyone to conduct a locker clean out before the end of next week.


AVID interviews for 5th graders will continue next week and the Site Team will select new members at the April 26th Site team meeting. We are waiting on STAAR scores before making selections. Qualified students who did not pass the March STAAR tests will be on a waiting list until the May results come in.

It is the end of the six weeks and time for binder clean outs.

Counselor's Corner

Just a reminder to please make sure you show the announcements during these last few weeks of school as our 6th grade elective teachers will be sharing information for next year.

Please pass out report cards during Success on Wednesday. There will also be a flyer from Nurse Boucher to pass out with the report cards.

Bus Duty

The Tigers are the team required to send two teachers (with their team's radio) to the bus loop each day at 4:00.

Duty Assignments

All duty assignments have been updated and posted in the Admin Folder within the OWTIF. Be sure to know your duty station and to be on time at 7:45! Click here for the AM/PM Duty Roster and here for the Lunch Duty Roster.