Movie Review

The Hunger Games

Origin of the name:

The Hunger Games is a science fiction adventure written by a juvenile American author Suzanne Collins, and the first book in The Hunger Games trilogy, which also includes the "flare" and "magpie copycat". "The Hunger Games" is a term for an annual televised event in which randomly chosen boy and girl from each district, and sends them to fight each other to death.

The plot movie:

Panama is a country in Fost-afoklifti, located where once stood the North American continent. Panama twelve districts, which enabled a brutal regime and their leaders too difficult to inhabit the capital, the wealthy Capitol. Capitol utilizes the provinces, each of which gives the Capitol own resources at the expense of residents. 75 years ago there were thirteen counties, but following a rebellion broke out between the Capitol county, thirteen destroyed and twelve other counties were defeated. And so it was decided each year, the harvest season will be held Hunger Games, which sees Capitol sporting competitions between districts, as punishment for rebellion districts in the Capitol in the past. As part of "The Hunger Games" are inserted into the ring 24 'are designated "lottery randomly selected, aged 12-18, boy and girl from each district to fight each other to the death, while everything on TV in front of the whole country Panama. Where they are fighting is a special arena, changing all the time, do not know what will change next time. Arena is operated by the leaders of the game, if there is not enough entertainment, they can cause trouble unnatural, such as firewall appears in the book, and the explosion and death of an immediate competitor. Last survivor declared the winner of the games and wins eternal wealth and fame, he lives Skid winners, and the realm bestowed awards and Tanogot.bsnh a plot of the story who elected provincial lottery as intended, by AFI Trinkt woman Capitol - Katniss's sister, Primrose Everdeen or short goodies. Katniss, who loves her more than anything else, volunteer to take his place and participate in the games. Prim became hysterical and does not agree to release her, but Gail picks her up and takes her away as she continues to scream and cry. Along with Katniss the fate Pita Lark, a teenager in the past (when they were small) Katniss saved from starvation by giving her bread it burned "accidentally" threw it at her feet in the rain, beating action of her mother paid later.