Behind the Bedroom Wall

By Laura E. Williams


Korinna is loyal to Germany and her Führer. Once she figures out her parents are hiding Jews behind her bedroom wall, her woulda turns upside down. She is afraid her parents will get shot or arrested. She wonders why her parents are doing this, and if she is actually being a loyal German by and keeping them a secret.


I believe the theme if this book is getting to know someone before you judge them. At the beginning of the book, Korinna knew Jews were bad, and Germany was good. Once she finds out there are Jews in her wall she doesn't want to take care of them and doesn't want her mom to take care of them either. By the end of the book, Korinna befriends the youngest Jew in the family, Rachel Krugmann. Once the Krugmanns leave the Rheme household to get to their new hiding area Korinna wishes she would have been better to the Krugmanns.

Historical Connections

The author used Hitler as Führer. She used that it is illegal to hide Jews. Although she did make up Korinna and her family and friends.
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