Munchkin Cat by Patrick

Furry and Cute

facts about cats

Cats: Cats are not that big. Some cats have a lot of fur and some don’t have much fur at all. Some cats are calm and some cats like letting all of their energy out. Most cats are really lazy and like sleeping most of the time. Cats can teach children how to be gentle and compassionate unlike a dog. Cats don’t doo-doo outside. They are really cute and funny when they are kittens

the 4 rest of the animals

tarantula#2 pet

Tarantulas: Tarantulas are small. Their furry bodies are really cool. They are different colors which makes them fun to look at. Some people might like to scare other people with them. You would be surprised at how many kinds of tarantulas there are! Surprisingly you don’t need much room for them. What I like best about this pet is they look cool and they’re all different colors

hedgehog#3 pet

Hedgehog: Hedge hogs are calm and have a prickly back to protect themselves from predators. They also will not attack often. They are pretty nice and they’re cute. What I like best about this pet is they are nice, they won’t attack, and they’re calm.

stick bug#4 pet

Stick bug: Stick bugs are a small bugs that look like sticks. Stick bugs like being hidden and won’t attack. They are also calm. My favorite things about this pet is they’re calm, and they will not attack children or adult.

guinea pig#5 pet

Guinea pig: Guinea pigs are small and furry. They also have fur markings. They are easier to take care of than a dog or cat. They are also really soft and they will live in a cage. Some of my favorite things about guinea pigs are they are soft and they do well in cages.

cat adjective wheel

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munchkin cat song tuned to Yankee Doodle

Yankee Doodle: kitty cat went to town riding on a back he picked a little mousy and called it dinner kitty cat keep it up kitty cat and there was captain kitty cat above his slapping stallion giving orders to his kitty’s I guess there was a hundred sleeping!

a cat cinquan poem


Calm, lazy

Cute, small, soft

They don’t like water


tarantula adjective wheel

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cat favorite finds


Cat: the reason I picked cat for top two is because cats are calm and I’m pretty calm what I like about cats is that there cute they like sleeping and there soft.

tarantula favorite finds

Tarantula: tarantulas fit my characteristics because they can scare people and I like scaring people what I like best about tarantulas characteristics is that they don’t need much care, and they look really cool I think a tarantula would be a good pet because they don’t need much care, and I really like there colors on their fur that’s why I picked it for top two pets
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Orange Kitten