E. Coli

"It's coming for you"


Some cases of E-coli have been in Chipotles all over the US, a total of 43 Chipotles were shut down because of the E-coli bacteria in the area. All Chipotles were closed for a few hours to inspect the cleanliness. E-coli can make you very sick with diarrhea, UTI's, respiratory illness, and pneumonia.

E-coli Facts

E-coli comes from the animals that have E-coli and that is not properly cleaned or cooked . Some E-coli symptoms are also fever, fatigue, and Vomiting (More symptoms are listed in the Chipotle paragraph). E-coli can be typicality resolved without treatment. E-coli can be prevented by being careful where you eat and cook the meat at 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Oswaldo and Avery