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December 14, 2190

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Asking For Advice ♔

Dear Portland Surprises,

I am relating to Lena Halloway, with all the situations going around right now with the disease, how did Lena put up with Hana and her "rebel" like behavior? That is what I do not understand, Lena could have gotten in way more trouble then she should have been in, but she stuck with Hana.

That is what is going on with me right now, my friend has been acting up, not following the rules, disobeying, e.t.c. I am not sure what to do right now, or whether or not I should stick with my friend. She has not been the best of friend lately. She is always sneaking out, and doing things that she knows is not the greatest. But she decides to do them anyway. Portland Surprises will you help out?

Hailey Roberts,

Houston, TX

Giving Advice ♔

Dear Hailey Roberts,

Thank you for your question, hopefully we can help you out! In the story Lena stuck with Hana because they have always been with each other, and shared memories. In the end it had worked out for them. It all depends on the situation honestly, and about how you feel about it.

How long has your friend been like this? What in her life do you think is making her be like this? These are the questions you have to ask yourself, and in the end it will all end up well at the end i'm sure. Even though the things that she is doing is not the best of choice.

Delirium Movie Review ♔

The novel Delirium written by Lauren Oliver, has you wanting to know what is going to happen next, every single minute! With the actors Dylan O' Brien, Chloe Moretz, and Brittany Snow. They all play as Alex, Lena, and Hana, showing some obstacles of friendship on the way. It will have you waiting on the edge of your seats, and it is so suspenseful. It will want you wanting more, and more every second.

"Best movie of the year"- New York Times

"Very good movie!"-Seattle Times

Conflicts ♔

The conflict to me that stuck out is when Hana started acting weird, and very suspicious around Lena. And sooner or later she would be going to find out what has been going on. I mean she did find out about the music, and about the parties. But why didn't she do anything about it? Is it because Hana was actually looking out for Lena and Alex while they were in "love"? They both made mistakes in the book, that did not turn out so great.

Obituaries ♔

Dylan O' Brien / Alex

Alex did so many things that were very nice, made Lena a very happy person and e.t.c . He would be remembered as the brave person who died for his Lena's love.

Chloe Mortez/ Lena

Lena is a very outgoing, nice, and funny. Her and Alex were in love, and they truly were. She would be known as honestly a very bright young lady, that was brave, and would do anything for Alex, Hannah, and herself.

Brittany Snow/ Hana

Hana is a very daring, beautiful, and funny friend to Lena. Lena and Hana have been friends for like forever. They have shared so many memories together. They are the best of friends. She would be remembered as a true friend


I haven't seen my dog in forever! He ran out of the house around noon yesterday. Haven't found him since. I am starting to get worried, her name is CoCo and she is a dark brown color.

if you find her the reward is $500

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