A Boy at War

Harry Mazer Historical fiction


Adam band his friends go fishing in pearl harbor on the day of the pearl harbor attack. They see all of the army ships go down and many men get killed. Adam dresses up as a sailor and helps people live and take them to the hospital. Adam goes home to his family and a few days later the find out what happened to Admas dad who was on a ship called the Arizona.

Main character

Adam is the protagonist in the story he is very quiet and shy. He is very mentally strong as well he is 13 and lives in Hawaii.He lives with his father his mother and is little sister bee.


The story takes place in Hawaii. Adam and his family live in a house in a army neighborhood. He went fishing in pearl harbor on the day of the attack. He also starts to go to hospitals,ships and protecting the people.


The story is about a boy who is at the wrong place at the wrong time when the pearl harbor strike happens. He ends up turning into a sailor and helps the army with cleaning up and saving men. When he was fishing he saw his dad see him right when the strike happened. He ends up going home to his family and finding out what happened to his father.


The climax of the story is when Adam was fishing with his friends and the air strike happens and he sees his fathers ship go down. He goes to shore and helps the army and helps save and help people.


The main theme of the story always help the people around you and you can't help being at the wrong place at the wrong time.