More Dec. Sales Ideas & FB Raffles!

12 December, 2015

WOO HOO! In case you didn't see it yet, your customers can order by 20/12 to get their gifts for Christmas!

LOADS of time to BOOK IN TIGHT with a fun "Jingle & Jewels!" or "Style your Holidays!" Who can you reach out to today with this GREAT NEWS!?!

Here are some ideas:

  • social media (post an offer to bring the store to the friends!)
  • send a newsletter to all your customers (export your contact list and send to the emails)
  • 1:1 gift helping (call, text, email your friends with personalized gift ideas they can give to their loved ones)
  • double dip show (open your home for your own show AND offer personal appts.)
  • pop ups at various vendors (reach out to your local health clubs, hair stylists, coffee houses, offices)
  • guys email (instant message them individually--see below)
  • top customers (offer your gift-helping services since they love the line)
  • open trunk show hostess outreach (enlist your hostesses to also help sell since they TOO benefit)
  • dot dollars (the more orders you get in the net 4 days, the more potential you have for later this month!)

TEAMMATES ON our UK/EU 1st Impressions Team FACEBOOK Page: Post THREE NAMES of people you will reach out to today to book ONE MORE (then REACH OUT!) and YOU will be entered to WIN a CD of our 1st Impressions Favorite Tunes Playlist 2015!


"Hi Heather! We've got a fantastic shipping schedule where people can shop through 20/12 to get their gifts by Christmas and I would SO love to bring over our Fall/Holiday Collection for a fun 90-minute POP UP SHOP in your kitchen! Would be a blast! Bubbly & Bling! I have Tues 15th Dec, Thurs 17th and Sat 19th Dec open! Thoughts? xo Carrie (attach a cute pic of giftables)
AND....if it's a "no for now" then I will say...."Totally get it! Let's have YOU be a Debut Hostess for our New Collection that launches in January! Everyone is SO ready to get together with girlfriends after the Holidays! How about the 13th or 14th of Jan.?"
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Help with Teacher Gifts


"Can I help you with teachers' gifts? Order today and receive later this week - just in time for the class holiday party. Cute boxes, clear bag, a ribbon and boom...she'll know how much you appreciate all she does for your children. I also have gift cards if you're doing a room gift and want to splurge! Just let me know how I can help make your holiday gifting easy. xo"

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Reach out to your Guy Friends on Facebook:

This one is fun and easy.....lots of success stories going around already! Here are some fun WORDS TO need to send a cute image along with the text or fb message.

"Hi Joe, I hope you and the family are having an awesome December. Have you found anything for Jane yet? I have a few ideas of things I know she would LOVE. I even have a great idea of something the kids could give her. Let me know if you're still shopping....I'll send over my ideas! All my best - Carrie"

Look at this beautiful combo!

I'm reaching out to everyone who owns the Birdie and showing them this picture! How GORGEOUS!
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Essential Fringe Necklace Raffle Time!


I learned this lesson the hard way one year....and never again will I go into my time off over Christmas without having my January booked. Right now I have TWO booked for January and many Fall/Holiday customer service calls to make. What's the secret....hustle for them NOW.

One entry for EVERY NEW show booked in December and January. Your own Spring Style Show Counts - just get it in the system!! Reply on the UK/EU 1st Impressions Facebook Team Page...and if you already have them booked YAHOO! Just reply on the Facebook Team Page Threads.


(This is an American version obviously as I'm including $s and the US Today Show link but you could grab something from the UK/EU Media if that's better for your clientele):


Hi Suzy!

I hope you're this finds you well. It was so nice to meet you at Tracey's Stella & Dot Pop Up last spring. I loved how you were styling your friends and having a great time. I hope you're loving your goodies from that night. Since you were so much fun, I have no doubt your friends are as well. I have a few remaining open dates in December for a Stella & Dot Pop Up Sip 'n Shop and wanted to see if you'd like to gather them together. It's simply hanging with your friends and checking off your gift lists around the kitchen table. My hostesses earn an average of $250 in FREE accessories and can shop at 1/2 off! I'd love to help you check off your gift lists for free and treat yourself as well. Plus your friends will LOVE you for the convenience and stylish fun.

We could do a mid-morning "Java 'n Jewels", or an evening "Bubbles & Baubles" type of thing. I'll give you a call tomorrow to check in.

Have a great day!

Hello ,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the holiday season so far! I just wanted to check in and make sure you're 100% delighted with your recent Stella & Dot purchase. Thank you so much for your order.

If there's anything I can do for you or if you need to check off a few more gifts from the ol' list, I'm happy to help :) Of course you can always check out what's new and exciting and even order directly from S&D on my site:

Yesterday our Founder and CEO Jessica Herrin was on the TODAY SHOW. Thought you might enjoy this clip:

Let me know if you'd like to get your friends together for a few hours of stylish fun and earn yourself $100s in free accessories or if you or anyone you know might be curious about our opportunity. I'd love to chat. Have a fantastic weekend and thank you again for coming to XXX'S!



"Hi Jane, I hope you are enjoying the holidays! It's my favorite time of year - we have so much to celebrate! I'm working on my January calendar before I take a little time off. I thought you might like to be one of my VIP hostesses for our Spring Collection. We'll have an entirely new line...and all the skinny for what's on trend in 2016. Your girlfriends will have cabin fever setting in mid-January. Want to host a Cabin Fever - Spring Style Make Me Happy Hour in late January? You'll love a free spring style fix and your friends will appreciate a night out! I've got the X or X open. Let me know if either of those work for you and then I'll circle back after the New Year! xoxo - Carrie"

Wear your jewels everywhere and sell on the go this weekend ~ Have fun!!

Carrie McGraw
Star Director & Founding Leader