Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of Aug. 31-4

Strategy Spotlight

Have you introduced "Free Response" in your classroom yet? If not, please feel free to use me to help get that going in your classroom! I could:

- Do an introductory lesson

- Present a follow up lesson

- Make you a classroom poster with corresponding student handout for binder/interactive notebooks

- Help make accommodations for students struggling with this strategy

- Any other ideas you have!

Next Week Strategy Spotlight = Summary Writing

This Week

- Continued to model "Free Response" lessons

- Met with Jessica Quandahl and Barbara to continue conversations on reading in all areas of the day - whole group/core instruction, small group reading, and intervention time

- Helped get most grade levels up and running in Dreambox

- Met with Heather Evers to begin looking at programs currently being used at each grade level to serve special ed students and substantially deficient students

- Attended a grade level meeting with Susan Parker to look at teaching math by standards

- Worked on collecting information on IRAs used at each grade level

- Began some work with training/modeling Walpole Lessons with Barbara

- Attended all three grade level "Team Planning Meetings"

- Troubleshoot issues with getting into the Tier system and getting certified

Next Week

- No school Monday

- District wide training on Tuesday

- Helping get all new Walpole kits prepared and dispersed

- Observing Walpole lessons at the Primary Building

- Helping troubleshoot with any issues on the Tier system

- I will be at the short team meetings on Friday with Jessica Quandahl

- Continue to attend grade level team planning meetings


Everyone needs to log on to the TIER system and then click on the certification link on the left hand side BEFORE WEDNESDAY. The only assessment you need to be certified on is the "Curriculum Based Measurement- Reading." It may say "certified" when you go in there, if this is the case make sure you go into the "practice" tab to do some practice before assessing next week! Let me know if anyone needs any help signing in and/or certifying.

Coaching Corner

A heartfelt "thank you!" for the opportunity to attend your grade level planning times. This helps me to gain a perspective of grade level needs and curriculum, some of which I am just becoming familiar with this year.