Computer Hardware

Second Year ICT

Hard Drive/SSD

When you save information onto your computer, it is written/ recorded on a hard drive. A hard drive consists of a spindle of magnetic discs (platters) and magnetic heads that are used to store information that is saved onto your computer/laptop.

SSDs are the modern day version of a hard drive or floppy disk. As there are no moving parts, the device is a lot smaller and therefore fits into phones, ipads etc. These SSDs are much more efficient yet cost a significant lot more than the hard drive.

Hard Drive


Montors are the screens that displays output from the computer. The display device in modern computers is a thin film transistor liquid crystal. The display device in older computer monitors is a cathode ray tube.


CPU (central processing unit) is the component that contains the microprocessor. The microprocessor is the centre of everything you do on the computer. Think of it as if it were the ‘brain’ of a computer. The hardware and software both rely on the work done by the microprocessor. Intel and AMD are the largest manufacturers of CPU for PC’s.

Optical Drive

If optical drive's were a part of the human body, they would be the eyes. However, in computers they use lasers in order to read the data on the opticle disks. Examples of optical drives are: blue ray's, dvd's and cd player's. On disks there are millions of miniscule bumps that the lasers can process as a series of 0's and 1's which create the programming codes.