EOC Project-1 Final LinguaFolio DUE

かようび - May 10, 2016

Today's Important Info:



Make sure you have the requirements for this project:

Step 1: Complete the Biography

    1. Go through each page of the Biography. Fill out each page that applies to you. With the exception of perhaps Pages 5 (Hosting an Exchange Student), 8 (Pen Pals), 10 (Exchanges and Study Visits), and 15, Language and Intercultural Experiences, you should have something written for all the pages.

Step 2: Complete the Passport

    1. Complete the Passport
      1. The Passport is an overview of your experiences and ability with different languages. It records formal qualifications and diplomas, as well as self-assessments, and can be updated frequently. The Passport includes:
      • A summary of language learning and intercultural experiences or language courses, including formal instruction, summer study, academies, camps, travel and/or study abroad, etc.
      • A self-assessment grid and global scale.

Step 3: Complete your Checklists (do the two that apply to you)

    1. Complete the Novice-Low checklist.
    2. Complete the Novice-Intermediate checklist.

Step 4: Complete the Dossier Cover Page and Table of Contents

What is the Dossier? It is a collection of samples of work and certificates chosen by you to document and illustrate your language skills, experiences, and achievements. It can be used to demonstrate your language abilities to others. When you take your Dossier with you to other schools or a job, you should include your Final Project plus your biography, checklist, and passport for your records. You should also keep these for your records.

    1. Complete the Dossier Cover Page and Table of Contents.

Step 5: What to submit

      1. Revised Biography
      2. 2 Checklists:
    1. Dossier_linguafolio_1_.doc
    2. Please Note: You will submit your EOC Project Part 2 and 3 separately.

To submit, please go to the End of Course Project tab, and go to the correct place to submit.

Go through your grades:

Make sure you are working on your missing work and submitting them ASAP from lessons 8-13! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

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Please be sure to check out the due date calendar for this class. We are almost finished with Japanese 1.

Remember May 20th, is the LAST DAY for JAPANESE 1 course.
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Wynn san!!

Coach's feedback: "She is seriously the most enjoyable person in the whole class. She's the only student who reples to questions like "did we do this last week?", etc...

EXCELLENT JOB Wynn san!!! ^o^ たいへんよくできました!

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