TBMS Leadership

Requires an Application

What is Leadership?

Leadership is a fun-filled class with many opportunities to grow as a student leader. Leadership students will oversee all student activities ranging from assemblies, dances to school-wide community events and service (when it is allowed). While distance learning Leadership students will participate in a book study, and potentially serve as mentors to incoming 6th-grade students.

What does Leadership do?

  • Teach and foster democracy
  • Provide training and experience in citizenship and leadership
  • Develop positive attitude towards laws, order, and authority
  • Promote good human relations in the school community
  • Provide a forum for student opinion and provide a direct channel to administration
  • Provide organized services to students and staff
  • Promote student/faculty/community relationships
  • Develop school spirit, pride and morale
  • Conduct social and recreational activities
  • Sponsor socially relevant projects for the school and community