Weather and Climate

Hot, cold, rainy, or cloudy!

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Is the current condition in the atmosphere at a given time.It is what is happening now, tonight,or tomorrow. It can be forecasted for the next few days

Weather Map

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Words to describe Weather

Current temperature

clear skies

happening now


weather map

today's humidity


this weekend








Climate includes the weather patterns of a specific region over a period of at least 30 years
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Word to help you know it is CLIMATE




over the past 30 years



1) Which of the following is a description of climate rather than weather?

A. Today it is hot and sunny in Phoenix, Arizona.

B. Summers are usually mild in Lansing, Michigan.

C. Last week it rained every day in San Antonio, Texas.

D. Yesterday was cold and windy in Anchorage, Alaska.

2) Weather refers to the –

A. human response to environmental conditions.

B. day‐to‐day changes in atmospheric conditions.

C. frequency of catastrophic events, like hurricanes.

D. average atmospheric conditions over long periods of time.

3) By recording weather conditions for a large area over a long period of time, we can begin to see patterns. These long‐term patterns of weather are used to describe the area’s –

A. climate.

B. rock layers.

C. food webs.

D. erosion rates.

4) Which of the following is a description of weather rather than climate?

A. The Sahara desert gets very little rainfall.

B. The average temperature in the Amazon is 25°C.

C. The temperature in the Arctic tundra keeps the soil permanently frozen.

D. It rained two inches in Miami on May 5th.

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5) The maps above can provide us with information about Texas’ weather by showing ‐

A. the average weather conditions in Texas over time.

B. that Houston receives more rain than Austin.

C. that El Paso experienced a cold front between Monday and Wednesday.

D. that it frequently snows in northern Texas.

6) Which is an example of a statement about climate?

A. It rained three inches last night.

B. Snow and very low temperatures are predicted for tomorrow.

C. Florida is known for its sunny skies and warm temperatures.

D. I plan to go swimming tomorrow.

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