Background Information

The country is Ecuador, and the capital is Quito. Four of Ecuador's major cities are Guayquil, Cuenca, San Domingo de los Cotorados, and Machala.
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Ecuador was controlled by Spain. Ecuador gained their independence in 24 May, 1822. Ecuador is not currently being controlled by another country. The official language in Ecuador is Spanish. The yellow represents sunshine, grain, and mineral wealth. The blue represents the sky, the sea, and rivers. The red represents the blood of patriots spilled in the struggle for freedom and, and justice. The coat of arms represents their country.

Geographical Information

It is located in the western part of South America. To the west is the Pacific Ocean. To the north is the Pacific Ocean, and Columbia. To the east, and south is Peru. Three physical features in Ecuador are the Andes Mountains, Chimborazo Mountain, and Rio Napo River.
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Political Information

The type of government that Ecuador has is republic. The current president of Ecuador is Rafael Correa Delgado.
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Economic Information

The current currency of Ecuador is the United States dollar. They have a mixture of capitalism, and socialism as their economic system.
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Tourist Information

The reason people should visit Ecuador is the area is beautiful, and there are many exotic animals. Tourists should go see the beautiful landscapes, animals, adventure(hiking, biking, etc), the weather, rich culture, and the food.