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For Students, Parents & Families - May 9, 2022

Finishing Strong

We have less than three weeks until the end of school. These weeks will be busy! Yes, we do plan to celebrate the successes with end-of-year-parties, awards day, concerts, yearbooks and Pirate's Day. Before we get to those, we still have learning and assessments to finish up. We are committed to helping our students finish strong this year.

On Wednesday, we will welcome all incoming sixth grade students to the campus for an opportunity to hear from students and teachers, and to tour the campus. We will follow an alternate schedule on Wednesday (switching 3rd and 7th periods to accommodate the student assembly for our incoming Pirates).

On Friday, we have the unique opportunity to hear from Heidi Fishman, an author, speaker, and Holocaust educator. In sixth grade social studies at Pizitz, our students read Heidi's book, Tutti's Promise. Our students will have the opportunity to learn from Heidi through a writer's workshop with sixth grade on Thursday, and through a whole-school assembly on Friday. Parents and families can learn more about her family's story by reading her book, or checking out her website here.

We are grateful to the Vestavia City School Foundation for providing the grant which will give all students the opportunity to hear from Ms. Fishman this week.

Here's our alternate schedule for Friday, May 13:

8:00-8:55 4th period / assembly

8:55-9:39 1st period

9:42-10:26 2nd period

10:29-11:41 4th period & lunch

11:44-12:28 3rd period

12:31-1:15 5th period

1:18-2:02 6th period

2:05-2:49 7th period

2:49-3:00 8th period

VHHS Baseball Tryouts

This year, tryouts for VHHS baseball will be held in August. Please note this change. There will be no spring baseball tryouts this year. These dates have been approved by the athletic department and VHHS football coaches.

Here are the dates to note:

August 19-21 (9th-12th grades)

August 20-21 (8th grade)

If your student is playing football, or cannot tryout in the fall, they will tryout in January.

Please email with any questions.

Attention 8th Grade Students!

The 8th Grade Banquet will be held Friday, May 20 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Students may purchase a ticket for $25 from their 4th Period teacher Monday, May 9 through Wednesday, May 18. Students may only purchase one ticket for himself/herself. Due to the fact that the dinner is catered, tickets will not be available after Wednesday, May 18. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Button Smith at

VHHS Men's Soccer Tryouts

VHHS Men’s soccer tryouts for 2022-2023 season will be held at Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex (SHAC) on May 19-22, 2022 after school from 3:30-5:30 p.m.

In order to tryout, every player must complete their entire Vestavia Hills High School profile on Dragonfly Max. The deadline for completing your profile is May 12, 2022. Please use the link below:

You will need to bring a ball, cleats, shin guards, and a water bottle. Athletes at Pizitz will be able to take a bus from Pizitz to SHAC.

For more information, contact Leo Harlan (head coach) at

VHHS Bowling Tryouts

Bowling tryouts for VHHS will be held May 17-19 at Vestavia Bowl from 3:00-4:30. Dragonfly must be completed prior to tryouts. For more information, join the Google Classroom (code: eadsnfj), or reach out to Coach Broom at

Who Likes Nachos?

It's "NACHO" normal Thursday on May 19! We know it is a busy time of year and the Pizitz Treasures want to help you out by delivering a Taco Mama meal to your door OR if you're at the band concert that night you can drive through the Pizitz parking lot to pick up!

Meals include: 12 tortillas, a pint of pulled chicken, a pint of ground beef, a pint of black beans, a pint of cilantro lime rice, salsa, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese, and, of course, CHIPS and QUESO! Please see the flyer attached here. If you would like to order directly go to the link here.

Thank you for supporting the Pizitz Dance Team!

8th Grade World Language Students

Eighth grade students who are finishing their 2nd year of a world language have the option of receiving one high school foreign language credit. A letter will be sent home soon to all eligible students. The letter will need to be signed and returned to Pizitz before the end of the school year. Contact your foreign language teacher if you have questions.

Robotics for 2022-2023

Students, if you are interested in participating in robotics next year, complete the application here. Find out more information here, or reach out to Mrs. Rice for questions by email at Applications are due by Friday, May 13.

Pirate's Day is May 25!

Pirates’ Day is Wednesday, May 25, 2022. This day is filled with games, food and activities to provide our students fun and entertainment while serving as a very important school fundraiser. There are activities planned to appeal to all ages. We will sell wristbands for unlimited access to most activities. Items not covered by the wristband that will require pre- registration to participate include: Whiffle Ball Tournament (Coach McKenzie) & Basketball 3-on-3 (Coach Brown or Coach Matchen).

You may order wristbands and place lunch orders during your 4th period lunch from Monday, May 9 until Thursday, May 19. Wristbands are $25 and include lunch. Checks should be made out to Pizitz Middle School and include a contact phone number. Pre-ordered Wristbands will be given out in homeroom on Pirates’ Day.

Wristbands will not be sold on Friday, May 20- Tuesday, May 24.

Wristbands will be on sale at the bank on Pirates’ Day for $25. The bank will be located on the stage in the Cafeteria. Anyone needing financial assistance to pay for Pirates’ Day- Please contact your guidance counselor.

Each wristband has 1 pull-tab that serves as the lunch pass for either a Lunch Combo from the cafeteria or a combo from the food truck. Students also have the option to choose a box lunch from the cafeteria that comes out of their lunch account ( this is the free lunch available to all students). The free box lunch will be the option of PBJ box or Hummus and veggies box.

Lunch Combos in the Cafeteria include the following choices:

Dominos Pizza , fries and a drink

Chicken fingers, fries and a drink

Baked cheese sticks, fries and a drink

The Food truck is Three Men and a Pig- they will offer the following lunch combos:

BBQ Pork Nachos and a drink

Beef Brisket, chips and a drink

BBQ Pork sandwich, chips and a drink

In order to get food from the food truck, you must place your order when purchasing your wristband between May 9th and May 19th. ALL food truck items are PRE-ORDER ONLY. You will not be able to change to one of these on Pirates’ Day.

Please note that lunches cannot be delivered to students during Pirates’ Day. Coolers are also not permitted. The cafeteria will sell breakfast Pirates’ Day morning. Students are encouraged to purchase breakfast in the morning before Pirates’ Day begins.

“Pirate Pass” fast passes will be on sale on Pirates’ Day for $5 each at the bank. Each “Pirate Pass” allows students to go to the front of the line of any event up to four times per pass. Each time a “Pirate Pass” is used, a corner will be torn. Once all 4 corners are torn, that “Pirate Pass” is void. Students can purchase as many “Pirate Passes” as they desire. “Pirate Passes” will be confiscated for misuse and/or misbehavior.

Dress code still applies on Pirates’ Day. Please note that shirts/tank tops must have at least a 2” strap on the shoulder and shorts must be fingertip length. Hats are allowed and encouraged. Please wear sunscreen! Students are highly encouraged to bring their own refillable water bottles. There will be water stations available on Pirates' Day for students to refill their bottles.

Cell phones and all other electronic devices are not permitted during the day. All devices must be turned off and secured in students’ lockers during the homeroom session. Students will be allowed to get their devices at the end of the school day. Devices used/seen during Pirates’ Day activities will be taken up and turned in to the front office. Parents/guardians can pick these up after school.


8:05-8:30 Homeroom - students will receive wristbands and pre-ordered tickets.

8:30-9:30 Talent show.

9:30-1:30 Pirates Day activities. (Students are not allowed to go into the school hallways until 3:00. Restroom facilities will be available outside.)

1:30 Report to the Lower Gym

1:30-3:00 Pep Rally in the Lower Gym

Pirates’ Day Activities

Badminton Basketball 3 on 3 Beach Volleyball

Bean Bag Toss Bingo Blongo Ball

Cake Walk Corn Hole Cyclone Swings

Double High Striker Horse Shoes Karaoke

Kart Racing Leaps N Bounds Pedestal Joust

Pente Ping Pong Moon Bounce

Putt Putt Rock- N-Roll Sports Zone 3-n-1

Talent Show Tattoos Tic Tac Throw

Ultimate Frisbee Whiffle Ball Whirly Bird

Wrecking Ball Wreckless Candy Guess

Cotton Candy Sno Cones