Caring Terry Fox

He ran the marathon because he cared

How caring was Terry Fox

Caring is defined as a feeling or showing concern to others.Terry fox demonstrated care by raising money for cancer patients by running a 8500 km marathon,with an artificial leg.His motivation was a ten year old boy named Greg.He was suffering with the same type of cancer as Terry.He said that Greg was going through the same pain in a small age that's why he ran the marathon because he cared.During the marathon Terry got very big luxurious offers but he refused and got them to donate the money for cancer research.He didn't think about himself but he only thought about the children who were suffering with cancer at a very young age.Terry's caring act are still remembered today,almost every school participates in the Terry Fox run to raises charity. Terry is an idol to many people.His caring acts inspire people everywhere.

Terry Fox and Greg Scott

LeBron James

LeBron Raymond James is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. LeBron James has now opened a foundation for the adults who didn't complete their education and he will take all the burden of their school/collage/university fee.He opened the foundation because he cares for the people who haven't completed their studies because of their financial problems.
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