Kindergarten Newsletter

Week 21

Important Reminders:

Dates to Remember

February 4- 100th Day of Kindergarten!

February 11- Throwback Thursday- Dress like the 80's

February 12- Valentine's Day Party- 11:00-12:00

February 15- Student Holiday- No School

February 22-26- Kindergarten Conferences


We are in need of empty paper towel and/or toilet paper rolls for a project. We will also be needing brown paper lunch sacks soon. You can send any donations to your child's teacher. Thank you!

Valentine's Day Message from Mrs. Ramos

A message from Mrs. Ramos…. With the Valentine’s Day parties coming up, please note a procedure we started last year at Wells. If you have more than one child at Wells, and you choose to attend one of our class parties during the year, Wells students are not allowed to attend the parties of their siblings. If you want to take your child home after their party, please feel free to do so. Just sign out in the front office. However, if you sign that child out, he or she may not attend the parties later in the day in other grade levels. These students have already had their party, and the classrooms are already crowded with parents. As always, if you have a younger sibling who does not attend Wells yet, he or she is welcome at our parties. Please direct any further questions to Mrs. Ramos at

Ready Rosie

Ready Rosie is a free tool to help you work with your child at home. There is a short video and activity to complete each day. All activities are available in English and in Spanish. We encourage everyone to create an account. See the flyer below for details on how to sign up.
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Learning Targets

Language Arts: I can recognize and write the letters H, D, and R, read and write the star words are, for, and you, and blend sounds to read words.

Math: I can solve addition and subtraction problems using a variety of strategies. I can predict whether a word problem will be solved using addition or subtraction.

Science: I can identify what a paleontologist and a biologist do. I can create a list of things that are living and non-living.