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You're Invited

Dear Lonnie C. Motion

Your Invited to Miss Edna's house to stay. Sorry to hear about your parents sport. I'd like to take you in and raise you the rest of your young life. I have two kids, one lives up state and the other is out fighting a war. see you soon Lonnie C. Motion.


Miss Edna

Talk show moe moe

Q1: Are you worried that you could get in trouble if you get caught?

A1:I don't worry because I've been caught before and it wouldn't have happened if Phillip was trying to the same thing I was doing and for miles.

Q2: Why did you start feeling guilty about the mission?

A2: I felt Guilty guilty for Miles and Logan because they actually care about the factory and I want to defend it.

Q3: How did you react to Logans scars?

A3:I was curious about how he got theme.

Q4: Were you expecting to become friends with the others?

A4: No I was expecting to be in and out in no time.

Q5: Why do you think Phillip has such a bad attitude ?

A5: I think he is mad at Logan for something before the contest.

Q6: Why do you think phillip was in the cocoa room?

A6: He is more mean to Logan than anyone else, so I think something is between them since before the contest and Logan doesn't see it.

Q7: What was your first reaction to the candy factory?

A7: The factory looked like a palace from the outside and I could not wait to see the inside.

Q8: What are you trying to make for the contest?
A8: A new and improved, better than ever Pepsicle A.K.A. Flower Power.

Q9: Who is A.J. really?

A9: He is just a co-worker/ENEMY.

Q10: When did you find out you where 13?

A10: On the second day of the contest.