Candy Cane Bros.

Reilly .C. Mcclure, Samuel Lemus, Vincent Lin

CCB the best in town

We are CCB Candy Cane bros.Now we love making Candy!!! So if this is your first time you will get 3 Candy Canes Free!!!

Candy canes rock!!!


If you just want regular candy canes come here anyway! But if you want the best come to CCB!

Reillys inventions

  1. Licorish+Cherry=The Monster $ 20.00
  2. Green apple+ Orange =Orange Apple $2.00
  3. Grape+Green Grape=The Hulk $5.00
  4. Lemon+Bluerasberry=Ras lemon $3.00

Sams inventions

  1. Green Apple+Licorish=The Grinch $15.00
  2. Blue Berry+Cherry=Blue Cherry $20.00
  3. Lime+Lemon=Limon $19.00
  4. Blue Berry+ Ras Berry=Blue Ras $22.00

Vincents Inventions

  1. Cotten Candy+Blue Cotten candy=Cotten Cane $15.00
  2. Green apple+Cherry=Chrismas Cane $22.00
  3. Chocolate+Vinila=Mixture Cane $19.00
  4. Orange+Ras Berry=Valentine Cane $5.99