The Marie Murphy Update

24 January 2020 Edition

8th Graders Begin Their Final Semester at Marie Murphy!

Using Vaping Dangers to Teach Responsible Decision-Making & Self-Management

As part of MM's effort to promote the SEL skills of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Responsible Decision-Making, and Relationship Skills, we look for authentic situations to build lessons around. This week, working with the counselors from Haven Youth and Family Services, a "real-life" lesson was conducted with all students.

Nearly all research and data shows that vaping is on the rise for teens across the United States with many studies showing a doubling of e-cigarette use among teens from 2017-2019. Many of these students have been educated on the dangers of vaping, yet the numbers continue to rise. Why?

Instead of taking the standard approach of "drugs are bad" in talking with students, Haven counselors met with MM 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to discuss vaping and substance abuse in the context of the SEL skills of self-management and responsible decision-making. In taking this approach, the positive SEL skills were emphasized across a variety of situations, including avoiding vaping and substance abuse. Of course, there was still a component stressing the dangers and health risks of vaping. But in trying to put e-cigarette usage in a larger context, it's our hope that we are fostering social emotional develop across a variety of situations that our teens will find themselves exposed to, not just vaping.

Haven also prepared an informational flyer for parents in the hopes that these conversations can be carried on at home as well as school. The contents of that flyer are below.

How Can You Not Love the Snow???

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Thank you to all parents and students who have joined, or continued to follow, MM's instagram (@mariemurphyschool) as a tool to get information, celebrate achievement and enjoy the lighter side of all things Marie Murphy. As last week marked the end of second quarter, here are the most popular posts from that window! Enjoy!

Please Take The Parent 5Essential Survey! Pleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeee!

The 5Essential Survey is available for parents to take. All 6th, 7th and 8th grade students took the survey before winter break. Now it's parents turn! The survey asks parents to provide feedback about their child’s school. The survey, created by the University of Chicago, is designed to help school and district leadership improve their understanding of the parent/school relationship.

Please click here to take this survey.

Please help us engage in positive, thoughtful reflection at Marie Murphy by providing us with your feedback before the window closes on February 14! Without a 20% response rate (we are currently at 9%), our data is invalid and we lose an essential, valuable component of our 5Essential data.

Get Involved - There's So Much To Do!

A plethora of Marie Murphy teams, clubs and activities have been busy this winter engaged in a variety of activities. Student Council held their most successful Coin Wars ever, raising money for two different charities. Also in the spirit of philanthropic endeavors, Roots & Shoots executed their first-ever Giving Tree Adopt-A-Family program. Operation Live Happy hosted their annual 7th grade event. Cooking Club continued to turn out tasty treats while Bowling Club participants were looking to score a turkey! Table Tennis Club was an ace and The Hangout was the place to be. Book Club kept selecting page-turners. Intramurals before school gave kids the opportunity to burn off some excess energy prior to the start of the day, or on the flip side, sent some students to class more awake than they normally are! Choir lifted their voices in harmony with their Sunset Ridge peers at the New Trier Choral Festival, while the MM Band and MM Orchestra delivered winter concerts. The girls' and guys' basketball teams wrapped up their seasons. And Science Olympiad opened their competitive schedule with strong showings at the MM Invite and the University of Chicago Invitational.

As you can see, the clubs, teams, and activities that kids have access to during winter is extensive. And while kids are the lifeblood of all these extracurriculars, they would not exists without the efforts of the coaches, teachers, sponsors & parents. Thank you to all the adults who make work tirelessly to make Marie Murphy a place where all students feel connected.

Warning from Wilmette Fire Department: Do Not Try Tick Tok Penny Challenge Due to Serious Risk of Fire

Fire officials in Wilmette and across the country are sending a warning about a dangerous viral video that shows sliding a penny behind a partially plugged-in phone charger. Doing this can result in a short in the electrical outlet which can immediately cause a fire in a home or school and severely injure anyone in close proximity.

There are already incidents of this dangerous activity being investigated across neighboring communities. The Wilmette Fire Department asks anyone that witnesses this behavior or sees evidence of a burnt outlet to contact 911 immediately. Officials also urge parents to talk to their kids about this dangerous penny challenge.

Mark Your Calendars! Upcoming Parent Education Events!

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