Death of Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1st, 1926. she was an american actress and featured in a number of films such as "The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot, and also Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." She died on August 5th, 1962 from self induced barbiturate overdose. Found lying on her bed unresponsive to anything.
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Media Perspective 1

Marilyn Monroe had a lot of fans who adored her and cherished her as an actress, but many people did not like her because of the way that the media had portrayed her out to be. People would say rude things such as dumb because they do not like the idea of showing the provocative lifestyle to encourage younger teens of their generations.

Media Perspective 2

The media did not show her to be much of an actress, but more as a model. They showed her more about her beauty. It made others wish to have her sort of lifestyle and try to do so. Even though she was really good at hiding her real emotions to the outside world, deep down she was being crushed with a heavy weight of not being in a relationship such as others. Being married multiple times, not one lasting more than a couple years.

Media Bias

The media showed Marilyn as a person who would dress up in all the famous dresses and also all of the most beautiful attire that matches her lifestyle. since people thought she was living a lavish lifestyle, she was actually very depressed which lead to her death. Her cause of death was an entire pill bottle and overdosing on it on her bed. She was tired of living like this and always working so she wanted to end it all.

Feminist Criticism

In a male dominated society, Monroe wanted to fight for the right of women to have more freedom in their life other than just staying at home and being a cook and servant to others. in her films and photos she was being to provocative and the people thought it was to much for others to see.
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Historical Criticism

She was a major historical figure in the 1950s. She portrayed in the public as a different persona so that she may seem life she has a perfect lifestyle that others do not have. She was good at changing her appearance to match her personality in public such as changing her hair color.
The Mysterious Death Of Marilyn Monroe


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