Anything But Typical

Summer Reading


Jason is a very creative and smart. For example, Jason cant communicate like you and i do, so he expresses himself when writing story's online. Another example, People say things and do things and expect Jason not to understand because of him being autistic when he actually does understand more then they know. This evidence shows that Jason is a smart and creative person.

Two Literary elements

Two literary elements are most important to the book is Jason being autistic and Jason knowing Rebecca. For example, Jason is autistic, so he sees the world differently then most people see it. He also feels things and reacts to it by doing random actions. Another example, Rebecca is a girl Jason met online. To Jason, she is one of his first ever friends.

would i recommend this book?

I would recommend this book because it shows how people who are autistic and how they feel to the world.This book is worth reading because it shows how an autistic person can react to situations. For example, When someone was at Jason's computer in the library, Jason would feel a discomfort and start to breath heavily. Another example, If there is load noises Jason would cover his ears and curl up into a little ball.This book met my criteria because i enjoy reading realistic fiction books. I like to read about how characters react to situations. I also like reading about how characters feel towards each-other and there expectations not each-other.
Anything But Typical